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Although it is later, I must recommend to you guys once again this amazing  Astro Boy statue which is released by Blitzway. There are two versions that can be chosen, Normal version and Deluxe version, Let’s have a look!!!

Normal Version


This Astro Boy statue is 30cm in height and 11cm in width, his body is made of ABS and alloy metal. The body scale is very moderate, not big and small, and the simple color also looks very comfortable. 
 It belongs to a new series called “The Real” which you can find at the bottom of the picture. I think this is a motive that Blitzway wants to bring the anime’s characters into the real world.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

The Astro Boy statue recreates the original comics this time, so there are not many details on the appearance. The black hair, pants, and shoes are seem painted with a high-reflective coating, while the body has a matte coating.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

From both sides of Astro Boy’s body, you can see the very obvious bonding lines. Why it is designed like this? Because the highlight is the internal structure, it needs to be designed as such a detachable outer armor. 

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

You can change the open-eyed face to the closed-eyed face.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

There is also a simple base attached, with not so many features.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

After removing the outer shell on the front of Astro Boy, you can see the extremely exquisite dynamic mechanical structure inside, it is so amazing.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

The internal structure design is the most exciting part of this Astro Boy statue. In addition, to reveal the meticulous mechanical settings and the color separation painting, Astro Boy’s eyes, chest, and legs have three LEDs build-in which can be lighted.

What’s more unbelievable is that the red heart-shaped LED on the chest is not only a breathing light, can flash like a real heart beating, but also a switch for the entire lighting system!
Lightly press Astro Boy‘s heart to make the heart start beating and glowing red, Nuclear fusion of the two legs begins to pulsate slowly. Staring at reality, Astro Boy‘s eyes gaze with a cold and blue stare. His warm heart in his cold metal body begins to beat.

BLITZWAY Astro Boy statue

There is also a closed-eyed half-face part, chest half part, and pants half part attached.
So you can pose it on the semi-anatomical shape of Astro Boy.
To be honest, I prefer this semi-anatomical shape to the total exposed internal structure. Just as some of you like beautiful ladies wearing sexy lingerie.

Deluxe Version

Atom statue

First, compare with the normal version, the deluxe version of the Astro boy statue adds an open chest part, which can display Astro Boy’s red-glow nuclear heart.
Considering that this kind of form appears often in anime, it is very necessary to attach this accessory.

Diorama base
Astro boy Dormant cabin

Second, the most important accessory of the deluxe version is the Astro Boy’s dormant cabin in the picture above, which is plastic material and 47cm in height. The outside appearance is completely black matte painted, which makes you feel it looks like metal material.

Astro Boy
Astro Boy

On one side of the dormant cabin is a huge oval transparent window. When Astro Boy is standing inside, the effect is great when the internal lights are turned on!


When the internal structure of the statue is illuminated by the lights of the dormant cabin, the metal texture becomes more intense, and it feels that Astro Boy is being upgraded and maintained in it.

Atom statue

Another side of the dormant cabin is a double door. After opening, all the outer armors of Astro boy can be hung on both sides~ This kind of door opening display effect is very good, quite a high-tech feeling.


The accessories of the deluxe version are really rich. After Astro Boy is placed in it, the dormant cabin can be used for dustproof storage, and also can be a display device.

For fans of Astro Boy, this statue is really a commendable collectible. Both the design and the workmanship are the top lever. Compared with the normal version, the deluxe version is more worthy of your collection.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth
Check out the  price of Normal Version
Check out the  price of Deluxe Version
Product Size
Height: 11.81″ (299.97 mm) | Width: 4.33″ (109.98 mm)
Astro Boy
Release Date
Already be released

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