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Have you ever played the game League of Legends? If yes, you must be aware of the deadliest revolutionary warrior, The RebelXayah. She keeps her people safe and protected by fighting those who are a threat to them with the help of her sharpened blade feathers.
Hobbymax has finally announced the release date of the most deadly and precise character, Xayah Figure. Xayah’s image has been replicated in the figure with such details that makes the figure look realistic.

League of Legends Xayah figure

Xayah is no doubt loved by many because of her fighting techniques and speed. Her speed is also top-notch when it comes to her being in the battle ring. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this figure other than it is the replica of Xayah, continue reading to find out why it is special.

League of Legends Xayah figure

This 1/7 scale figure stands 290 mm tall and elegantly with confidence and a mock on her face, exactly the way she has while fighting her enemies. The contrast of pink and purple color has been emulsified into the diorama ever so flawlessly that there is no room for even a single mistake to create the replica of Xayah- the perfect warrior.

League of Legends Xayah figure
League of Legends Xayah figure

If we take a closer look at the Xayah figure, you can see the perfect lines with details on the body of the figure. The feathers she uses in her fights are perfectly sculpted in her hand as if battling with an enemy on the front-line as her legs are covered with black silk covering.

League of Legends Xayah figure

Her purplish clothing is carved onto her body along with the coat of her feathers. Her hands are covered with feathers to be used in an emergency as mantras stand tall on her head. Everything is professionally sculpted, from the makeup of her face to the black belt around her waist. On the side of her head, the stone-head of a dead creature lays on her shoulder like a necklace on her neck.

League of Legends Xayah figure

Her chicken legs with delicate sculpting are also copied from the original portrayal of the best warrior out there, Xayah. She was half-human as her legs looked like a chicken’s legs; maybe that was the reason behind her godly speed. While the base is formed when she uses her magic effects to defeat the enemies with her feathers, a luxurious special magic effect model.

League of Legends Xayah figure

While her back shows her elegant robe of sharp-bladed feathers with which she takes care of her enemies, the hoodie on her head is also sculpted and painted with gloss to duplicate the way she looks in the game.

League of Legends Xayah figure

The figure’s base is turned into a spiral image of her magic effects as she assembles her feathers to duel with her enemies. Even the back of the warrior Xayah is precisely on point from every particular part it should be. Her feathers might feel like spikes, and they are since Xayah has made them as sharp as a sword, ready to pierce through anyone’s throat.

League of Legends Xayah figure

Get your hands on this Xayah figure as soon as possible before it is too late. Not only will it be a great part of your collection of League of Legends collection, but it will also help provide a whole new look to your collection shelf.
Don’t miss out on such a collectible when you can buy it and make it the best showcase decoration you’d want. Simply put it up as either decoration or complete your collection with this figure; you won’t be disappointed.

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Where to buy: Solaris Japan League of Legends Xayah Figure 
Product Size
Approx. 11.42 inches tall (29cm)
Made of PVC and ABS
League of Legends
Release Date
May. 2023

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