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Max Factory’s Figma series launched a 6-inch action figure of Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba“. It is divided into a normal version and a DX version with various special effects parts. The DX version also comes with a mini Nezuko Kamado figure which is very cute! Let’s take a look.

Normal Version

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

This Tanjiro Kamado action figure is crafted in 1/12 scale, and the height is approx 135 mm. Overall it is recreated very well.
The Demon Slayer uniform on the inside and Haori on the outside are all faithfully recreated.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

In order not to affect the movement of the main body, this Tanjiro Kamado action figure also uses flexible plastic material in the costume part.
At the same time, Haori is also composed of multiple pieces.
So this action figure can easily be put into a cool fighting pose.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

The head sculpt is very well portrayed, and the scars on the forehead and earring details have been faithfully recreated.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

It comes with three face plates including a gallant standard expression face, an angry combat face and a gentle smiling face.
In addition, there are multiple hand parts and a black Nichirin Blade is included.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

Replaced with the angry combat face and equipped with the iconic weapon Nichirin Blade, the whole Tanjiro figure is very vivid and lifelike.
Although it is not made of cloth, it can also show the fluttering shape of the Haori.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

The gentle smiling face is another feeling.
Although the pants of the Demon Slayer uniform are wide, they can also be placed in a natural standard kneeling posture. The Nichirin Blade is equipped with a scabbard, which can be stored in the belt.

DX version

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

On the basis of the Normal Version, the DX Version comes with another face, two kinds of effect parts, and a mini Nezuko Kamado figure.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure

This special face exclusive to the DX Version is a comical bewildered face.
After matching the corresponding hand parts, the scene in the original work can be recreated very well, which is very funny.

Tanjiro Kamado action figure
Tanjiro Kamado action figure

The technique effect is equipped with the water flow shape of “Water Breathing”, and the special effect of Water Breath is quite amazing.

Tanjiro action figure

In addition, the DX Version also gives a special effect part of the Hinokami Kagura technique.
Both of these special effects parts can be played with the Nichirin Blade.
The playability is indeed much richer than the Normal Version.

small Nezuko figure

The mini Nezuko Kamado figure in the accessories seems to be only a few centimeters in size, which recreates her cute posture when she is squatting. And the details are quite interesting!

Tanjiro figure
Tanjiro action figure

It’s rare to see such an exquisite figure in the Figma series. The accessories are enough and the character is also well sculpted. Don’t miss it if you like it.

Where to buy: Solaris Japan Tanjiro Kamado action figure
Product Size
Height: 5.27 inches (13.5 cm)
Made of ABS and PVC plastic
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Max Factory / Figma series
Action Figure
Release Date
July 2021

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