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So excited, Blitzway‘s 1/4 scale statue series has launched a superb Marilyn Monroe statue. The classic posture is once again shown in front of the audience in the form of a collectible statue, giving you the opportunity to get closer to the century-goddess and take it home to appreciate it.  Let’s take a look!

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

Marilyn Monroe, the eternal goddess in the hearts of countless people, although her life is short and hasty, her sexy and charming image, unrestrained and freestyle, has become an important symbol of popular culture. In 1999, she was also voted as the sixth greatest female screen legend in American film history by the American Film Institute.

The design of this Marilyn Monroe statue also comes from the image of the 1955 American romantic comedy film “The Seven Year Itch“.

The Seven Year Itch
The still of “The Seven Year Itch”

In “The Seven Year Itch”, the stunning scene that Monroe was standing over a subway grate in New York and her white dress was blown up by the blast from a subway vent, which became the most famous image in the 20th century.

The styling design of this Marilyn Monroe statue recreates this shot very well.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The scale of this Marilyn Monroe statue is 1/4 just as I have mentioned before, it belonged to their 1/4 scale movie star series.

With the addition of the base, the overall height has reached approx. 460mm. And the total weight is approx. 7kg, so the size of Marilyn Monroe statue is really not small.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

Although this famous image has no color, the designers of Blitzway still used super craftsmanship to freeze Monroe’s brilliant smile and graceful figure in the form of a statue.

In order to make the statue more realistic, parts of this statue are made of different materials, such as the materials of the head, body, clothing and base are all not the same. Therefore, Blitzway defines the type of statue as a hybrid type.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The pure white dress on Marilyn Monroe statue is made of real fabric, and the built-in iron wire of the skirt can manually create the natural graceful shape of the skirt blown by the wind.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The pleated details of this dress are beautifully made, and the embedded wire is also very harmonious.

The whole dress was wrapped around Monroe like gauze, faintly showing Monroe’s attractive figure.

Personally, the effect of this dress is better than the one in the movie.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The body parts of Marilyn Monroe statue are made of Polystone, and the graceful curvy lines of the upper body are well depicted.

Her smooth shoulders and arms, beautiful collarbone, proud chest shape, and coupled with the dress, show the audience a sexy but not vulgar feeling.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

Look from the back, Marilyn Monroe’s entire back is almost bare, and the shapes of her slender long legs can be said perfect. Countless women dream of having such a pair of long legs. The slightly exposed buttocks also made you unable to look away.

To be honest, the statue made by Blitzway really beautifies Marilyn Monroe’s actual figure.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The head sculpt of this statue is made of PVC material, which can show Marilyn Monroe’s facial details and hairstyle more exquisitely, and has a stronger expressive power.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue
  • The texture of the cheeks and the rosy lips are very good.
  • The meticulously trimmed eyebrows and eyelashes and other small details are quite perfect.
  • Her blonde hair also has a good depiction.
  • And the mole next to the lips is also recreated.
  • Two earrings also enrich the character’s image.
  • The expression that close her eyes slightly and smile is very sweet and shows a very vivid image.
Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

Put down the skirt that covers the hands, we can see that Marilyn Monroe’s hands are also very beautiful.

Holding something in one hand and showing bright red nails in another, the posture is very natural.

In addition, the white and ruddy hand skin and delicate finger joints are also depicted.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

The base’s design of this statue also refers to the scene in the movie. The surface of the base is similar to the shape design of a vent, which provides a better atmosphere for Marilyn Monroe.

In addition, the details of high heels and ankle toes are also super realistic.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

It is also very interesting that Blitzway carefully designed an electric turntable structure on the base of this Marilyn Monroe statue! Just switch on, you can directly appreciate Monroe’s glamorous figure in 360 degrees.

But since it is powered, it is a pity that Blitzway did not install 4 LED headlights on the edge of the base to illuminate Marilyn Monroe. Otherwise, the effect of the rotating Marilyn Monroe under the illumination of the lights would not be an ordinary one plus one. Maybe my heart beats faster and can’t stand it, LOL.

Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue

I have seen too many statues with high prices, and even some animation statues are ridiculously expensive.

Such a highly artistic and realistic copyright work, and it is Marilyn Monroe, the market price is indeed very friendly.

Hurry up, you guys who want to buy, otherwise it will be booked out by others.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth
Blitzway Marilyn Monroe statue
Product Size
Approximately W 270mm L 250mm H 460mm
Marilyn Monroe
Release Date
4Q, 2020

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