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Following the DC TOP Three Superheros Busts and Aquaman Bust, Infinity Studio, a well-known statue manufacturer in the industry, has recently launched a work that excites global fighting fans and collectors, the bust of the great martial artist Bruce Lee. This statue is realistic in shape and full of memories, let us take a look!

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

Bruce Lee, his life is short but full of honors, leaving the world with too many marvels. He is a pioneer of the world martial arts revolution, martial arts philosopher, father of MMA, martial arts master, the pioneer of kung fu film and the founder of Jeet Kune Do. His four and a half films in Hong Kong broke multiple records three times. Among them, “Way of the Dragon” broke the Asian box office record, and the global box office of “Enter the Dragon” that cooperated with Hollywood reached 230 million US dollars.

The Game of Death

The design inspiration for this Bruce Lee Bust comes from the classic image of Bruce Lee in the film “Death Game”. “Death Game” is the last movie shot before Bruce Lee’s death. There are multiple battle scenes in the film that are regarded as classics. Among them, the yellow sportswear worn by Bruce Lee in the film has become a classic costume.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

This Bruce Lee Bust uses a Life-Size 1/1 scale, reaches a height of 75cm.

It shows the cool pose of Bruce Lee wearing yellow-bottomed, black-striped sportswear and holding a nunchaku in the film “Death Game”.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

Bruce Lee’s image of holding his breath and holding nunchakus that ready to shoot at any time was delicately portrayed. This image is also the object of imitation by fans all over the world.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

This sportswear on Bruce Lee’s body is made of real fabric material, which may be taken off and can be worn on you as normal clothes.

The nunchakus on the hands are also well portrayed, showing the feeling of real texture.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

The skin of this statue is made of platinum silicone, showing the texture and fine lines of real human skin, and the details such as the tendons and blood vessels on the hands are exquisitely presented.

In addition, the joints of the fingers are also very well portrayed, and they faintly show the calluses produced by Bruce Lee’s long-term martial arts training, which is very real.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

The head sculpt of this statue is a highlight. First, the hairs adopt silicone hair transplant technology and are implanted by hand, and the actual texture of the hairs is truly reflected.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

The artificial eyes of the statue are specially customized, and the eyes exude a firm charm, which further enhances the overall sense of reality!

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

The skin details of the face are also very rich, including lines and beard residues.

In addition, due to sweating after the fierce battle, the oily feeling on the skin was also portrayed.

There are also slightly raised lips, and there is a feeling of holding breath, and the atmosphere of a tense fight is like being on the scene.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

The base of the statue is very Chinese style. A Chinese dragon is hovering on the classical wooden base. There is also a LOGO with Bruce Lee’s name in the center of the wooden base. Just like a set of ancient Chinese wooden furniture, it is very collectible.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

A picture of Tai Chi is depicted on the back of the base. It also reflects Bruce Lee’s martial arts philosophy.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee bust

This Bruce Lee bust is really lifelike.
So don’t miss such a Bruce Lee Limited Edition Bust!!! Hurry up and add this statue to your collection.

▼Infinity Studio Bruce Lee life-size bust

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Bruce Lee life-size bust
Poly stone, platinum silicone, resin, cloth, and high-temperature fiber
Product Size
H(75cm)* W(86cm)* L(69cm)
Infinity Studio
Release Date
3rd Quarter 2021

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