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The statue manufacturer XM Studios officially presents the supervillain in the DC Universe, Reverse-Flash Statue! The costume and action posture are very characteristic. Let’s take a look at the performance of this Flash’s rival!

xm studios reverse-flash

Reverse-Flash was originally a fan of The Flash, doing good as the Flash, but after all he was a novice and was mistaken as a criminal. It coincided that the Flash traveled to the future and defeated him. Therefore, he began to hate the Flash and changed his costume and turned into Reverse-Flash.

The design of this Reverse-Flash statue refers to his appearance in DC Rebirth, and adopts the posture of Reverse-Flash activating the negative speed force.

xm studios reverse-flash

This Reverse-Flash statue is 1/6 scale, with the detailed base, the total height reaches approx. 35cm.

Compared with the cup next to it, it can be seen that the size of this Reverse-Flash statue is really not small.

The main material is cold-cast porcelain, so the weight is heavy and it reaches 3kg.

xm studios reverse-flash

Reverse-Flash is wearing an iconic yellow costume, surrounded by red lightning, showing a running stance, clenching his right hand as if preparing to attack.

The overall image is very distinctive and full.

xm studios reverse-flash

It can be seen that the portrayal of this set of yellow suits is still very successful. The whole yellow suit has become a symbol of Reverse-Flash in DC rebirth.

There is also a depiction of the lightning logo on the chest of the yellow suit, and the red lines spread from the logo to the surroundings of the body, giving the audience an illusion that the lightning logo on the chest is similar to the Iron Man’s energy reactor that providing energy to launch the negative speed force.

In addition, the depiction of the muscle lines under the tight-fitting suit is also in place, and a lot of shadow paintings are used on the muscle bulges. It also reflects the sturdy figure of Reverse-Flash.

xm studios reverse-flash

Appreciating from the back angle, the body shape of the Reverse-Flash is also well portrayed. Due to the running posture, the muscle lines of the legs are streamlined and regular.

xm studios reverse-flash

The head sculpt of this statue is also a highlight. The overall head is very finely portrayed, and the red eyes and the disturbing smile well reflect the evil sense of this Flash’s rival.

xm studios reverse-flash

When Reverse-Flash uses his negative speed force, the bursting red lightnings are also portrayed. It can be found that XM Studios uses a lot of red special effects to reflect them.

xm studios reverse-flash

The base of this statue is based on the theme of train tracks, and the corresponding signal lights and railway tracks are depicted with rich content.

xm studios reverse-flash

The metal rivets of the signal lights and the pipes have good metal spraying.

There are also red lightning special effects hanging on the word plate, the whole is very delicate.

xm studios reverse-flash

It can be seen that the signal lights and railroad tracks have been seriously damaged due to the extremely fast running and fighting by Reverse-Flash.

xm studios reverse-flash

In addition, this base also depicts crushed stones that have been hit and splashed.

The texture of the cast iron of the rails and the stones are meticulously depicted.

The overall sense of the scene is very good.

xm studios reverse-flash

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Product Size
27 cm L X 37 cm B X 35 cm H (estimate)
Weight : 3 kg (estimate)
DC Comics
XM Studios
Release Date
3rd Quarter 2021

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