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In the television series “Star Wars: The Mandalorian“, “The Mandalorian” as a bounty hunter encounters “Baby Yoda” because of the bounty mission. The sleeping memory of “The Mandalorian” is gradually awakened, and embark on a journey of self-salvation.

Hot Toys recently presents a new “The Mandalorian 2.0 and Baby Yoda” collectible set, which is divided into a normal version and a deluxe version. Unlike The Mandalorian 1.0, The Mandalorian 2.0‘s armor is upgraded to rare beskar metal, and it also comes with a super cute little Baby Yoda action figure!

Normal version

The Mandalorian

This new action figure of “The Mandalorian 2.0” recreates the silver armor shape from the later stage of the TV series. The entire action figure is 1/6 scale, approx. 30cm tall, and his body with over 30 points of articulation.

The Mandalorian figure
The Mandalorian action figure

Compared with the “The Mandalorian1.0” launched earlier on the left, this new “The Mandalorian 2.0” uses armor made of beskar metal. Compared with 1.0, the helmet is updated and brighter, and the chest, shoulders, forearms, and thighs are all replaced with beskar armor.

The Mandalorian 2.0

Hot Toysbeskar armor is made of a matte-like metal paint finish, the combination of metal armor and fabric has a sense of texture and layering, and it has a heavy feeling.

The Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure

The armor of the right leg truly recreates the effects of war-damaged scratches.

The Mandalorian Sixth Scale action Figure

Look at the shoulder of the Mandalorian in the picture, this action figure also includes an interchangeable right shoulder armor with a Mudhorn signet.

The Mandalorian and The Child

Because it is “The Mandalorian 2.0 and Baby Yodacollectible set, so a Baby Yoda figure in standing posture is also included.

 The Child figure

This Baby Yoda figure is 1/6 scale, only approx. 6cm tall. Features well his big watery eyes, cute hand gesture, and tan fabric coat as same as the image in TV series.

Baby Yoda figure

Also, attached is a Mythosaur emblem necklace.


There are so many accessories included. In addition to the 7 pieces of interchangeable gloved hands and the specially designed dynamic figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate, a lot of weapons of “The Mandalorian”  are included this time.

The Mandalorian 1/6th scale figure

One dagger and one blaster pistol are included.

The Mandalorian Sixth Scale Figure

One blaster rifle with an attachable scope is included.

flamethrower effect accessory

One flamethrower effect accessory can be attached to the right forearm is included.

wired grappling hook

One wired grappling hook is included.

silver jetpack

One magnetically attachable silver jetpack with two real-like thruster fire accessories is included.

These rich accessories greatly increase the playability of this collectible set.

The Mandalorian figures

So lovely is the POSE of the Mandalorian holding Baby Yoda.

Deluxe version

Deluxe version

Compared with the normal version, the deluxe version is not only more accessories included, but also attached a Baby Yoda‘s small hover pram!

the child collectible figure

This Baby Yoda figure is in sitting posture with magnetic function, approximately 4cm tall.


In addition to the Baby Yoda figure in standing posture, there is also a Baby Yoda figure sitting in the hover pram, which means there are two Baby Yoda Figures in the deluxe version.

Although Baby Yoda figures are un-action designed, the two babies included are really worth it.

Baby Yoda figure head

The head sculptures of the two Baby Yoda figures are interchangeable. In this way, different expressions can be recreated, and the playability is greatly improved.

brown colored blanket

Includes a brown-colored blanket, which can be covered on Baby Yoda‘s body to recreate the scene of him sleeping in the hover pram.

hover pram

This hover pram has a cover and can be completely closed as shown in this picture.

figure stand

A specially designed figure stand with a desert-theme diorama base accessory is included. The desert theme is the same as the Mandalorian’s, the two sets of figure stands can be seamlessly joined together, the effect is very good.


There is also a stack of Beskar and a camtono container with LED light-up function in the deluxe version, you can open the camtonon container and put the stack of Beskar in it.

hologram of The Mandalorian armor

One hologram of The Mandalorian armor is included.

whistling birds

Finally, there is a whistling bird firing effect is included, which can be attached to the left gauntlet. The whistling bird is powerful defensive equipment that is made from the remaining Beskar metal to deal with multiplayer siege.

The Mandalorian and The Child (Deluxe)

This Mandalorian 2.0 and Baby Yoda Collectible Set (Deluxe Version) is the definitive piece to add to your growing Star Wars expansion. This is the way.

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The Mandalorian 1.0
The Mandalorian 2.0 and Baby Yoda Collectible Set :
Normal Version ; Deluxe Version
Product Size
Height: 11.81″ (299.97 mm)
Star Wars
Hot Toys
Release Date
Apr 2021 – Jul 2021

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