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Sideshow and PCS Collectibles jointly present the Chun-Li: 1:4 Scale Statue of a bikini version, which is a  classic character from “Street Fighter“, and well shows the perfect figure of a female fighter. Let’s have look!


This Chun-Li statue is 1/4 scale, and its total height is 45.72cm.
Compared with the apple, you can intuitively understand the size of this statue.
And this is also a Limited Edition of 450 pcs.

chun-li street fighter

We have got used to Chun-Li‘s fighter-style dressing before, but this time, the summer bikini style is really fresh and memorable.

chun li statue

So beautiful Chun-Li is, she is dressed in a blue bikini with golden patterns, decorated with numerous bows, bracelets, and even a pair of matching sandals.


This peak fighting form that poses as a pheasant standing on one foot, well highlights Chun-Li‘s good figure.

chun-li collectible statue

Compared with the exaggerated thick legs in the video game, this Chun-Li statue is much convergent in the muscle lines. But you can still feel the beauty and power of her athletic physique.

chun-li head sculpt

The makeup part of the head sculpt is very delicate, and Chun-Li’s hair also holds a beautiful blue hibiscus flower.

street fighter chun-li

Chun-Li is displaying her expert balancing techniques on the back of a swimming turtle, her pose is full of fighting tension and beauty, and every tight muscle line is worth watching.


The platform’s design is also very interesting which is themed with waves and turtles.
The water splashing on the platform adds a
relaxed and humorous atmosphere to this statue.

chun-li foot

Although only the turtle shell is exposed on the platform, look down from top to bottom, the whole body of the turtle can be seen through the blue water. The design is very enriching and clever.

“Player 2” version


It’s worth mentioning that there is also a “Player 2” version this time.
In this version, Chun-Li is also dressed in a bikini, but the bikini and the corresponding accessories are all red.
And it is a limited edition, which is only 150 pcs on market.

Do you think it’s over? Actually not, there is still 3 Limited Edition available. Check out ↓

Chun-Li: Player 2 Battle EX

Chun-Li: Player 2 Battle

Chun-Li is dressed in a black bikini with golden patterns, which brings you a different feeling.

Chun-Li: Morrigan

Chun-Li: Morrigan
chun-li morrigan street fighter

The Chun-Li: Morrigan Statue measures 18.7” tall, clad in the iconic costume of Morrigan Aensland from Capcom’s Darkstalkers.

Chun-Li: Morrigan Player 2


The Chun-Li: Morrigan Player 2 Statue clad in an alternate colorway of Morrigan Aensland’s iconic look from Capcom’s Darkstalkers.

So many versions, but all are Limited Edition, hurry up to choose the version you like.

Where to buy: sideshow
Chun-Li :Play one ; Play two; Player two Battle EX
Chun-Li Morrigan: Play onePlay two
Product Size
Height: 18″ (457.2 mm) | Width: 10″ (254 mm) | Depth: 8.5″ (215.9 mm)
Street Fighter
PCS Collectibles
Release Date
May 2021 – Aug 2021

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