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Hot Toys team is extremely delighted to announce the brand new series – CosRider. Bringing fans’ beloved characters and their unique vehicles in a super cool way, the newly debuted series is a collection to be displayed individually, or set as a stylish display. Let’s have a look!!!

coin operated rides

I believe that in your childhood memories, you must have played the coin-operated rides. Now this time,  the CosRider by Hot Toys is designed based on the vintage coin-operated amusement ride.


Meanwhile, combining the iconic driving scenes from the classic productions in the DC universe. Let’s review one by one.

The Joker & Harley Quinn CosRider “Suicide Squad”

The Joker& Harley Quinn

This CosRider recreates the image of the Joker & Harley Quinn driving a pink sports car in “Suicide Squad” film.

The Joker & Harley Quinn and the sports car all are designed as cute characters, that is so lovely. Also, the USB power port can be seen on the side of the base.

The JokerTM & Harley Quinn CosRider
The Joker & Harley Quinn rider

Not only there are graffiti of the Joker & Harley Quinn on the base, but also be printed with the “Suicide Squad” film LOGO.

The Joker & Harley Quinn coin operated rider

If you insert a coin into the base’s side, it will move with a built-in rocking motion as a real coin-operated ride. By the way, we can compare the scale between the hand and CosRider, it seems its size is not very big.

coin operated rides figurefun

Meanwhile, you also will hear the original tune play along with LED light-up functions when inserting the included coin.

The Joker& Harley Quinn figurefun

Start your engines! These cuties are ready to ride!

Batman CosRider “Batman 1989”


This CosRider recreates the image of 1989 Batman. To be honest, the style of batman and batmobile set is similar to the CosBaby series of Hot Toys.

Batman hot toys

I am wondering whether the batman can be taken out from the batmobile or not? The answer is: I don’t think so! What’s your opinion?

Batman hottoys figurefun

The base is well pretty. Batman’s logo is printed on it.

Batman coin operated rider

You also can insert the included coin and it will move and makes sounds as same as the Joker & Harley Quinn CosRider.

Penguin CosRider “Batman Returns”

figure Penguin

This Penguin CosRider is designed based on the “Batman Returns” film, recreating the image of Penguin sitting on his yellow duck to defeat the Batman.

Penguin CosRider

The details of Penguin CosRider are good, including the face, hat and umbrella.

Penguin Coin operated rider

The base is similar to other versions. You also can see Penguin’s name, pattern, logo on it.

Penguin CosRider figure

The Joker CosRider “The Dark Knight”

The Joker dark knight

This version is the Joker from “The Dark Knight“. We can see the Joker is sitting in a police car, having a joyride.

The Joker dark knight figure

It is recreated the Joker‘s iconic smile in this CosRider.

The Joker dark knight rides

Red base, blue police car, and the happy Joker, make the CosRider so classics.

The Joker dark knight coin rides

Of course, it is the same way to play as I introduced before.

Batman CosRider ” The Dark Knight”

Batman dark knight

This version is Batman from ” The Dark Knight“, which zooms into action on his Batmobile.

Batman dark knight

This batmobile of this version is really cool.

Compare to the 1989 batman CosRider version, tell me which one you like better.


I need to mention that the CosRider in the same series can even be coupled up and rock together in the fun melody of Hot Toys original.

Don’t miss out if you like these coin-operated rides.

Where to buy: sideshow
The Joker & Harley Quinn
Batman 1989
Batman “the dark knight”
Product Size
Approximately 11-13.5cm in height
DC Universe
Hot Toys
Release date
Oct 2020 – Jan 2021

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