Sexy & wild beauty-Spartan Army Commander action figure

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TBLeague has released three kinds of  Spartan female Army commander 1/6 Scale Action Figures. Really good of this Spartan style, and all three versions have their own features.

Spartan action figure
There are totally three versions. From left to right are Golden, Silver and Black.

Spartan action figure1

The biggest differences between them are the colors of the helmet and armour, the head sculpts and the weapons.


black Commander aciton figure1

This gorgeous Black Commander figure uses TBLeague’s seamless female body with a metal skeleton for incredible and realistic posing.

black Commander action figure

There is a lot of Spartan style in this armor and also shows the iconic Spartan helmet.

black action figure2

Black female Commander figure’s weapons are sword and bola. I feel it’s really a wild style. What do you think of it?

black aciton figure3

When you take off the helmet, you can see the complete shape of the head sculpt. This black version also uses the design of hair rooted.

black aciton figure4

There are so many interchangeable battle accessories, such as gloved hands, shoes, a full set of armor, etc.

black aciton figure5

By the way, it is worth mentioning that there are some blood stains on the dagger.Very realistic of it.



Compare with the black version, the design of the two armors is basically the same, only the painting is different.

The armor of silver style mainly use silver and white.And the cloak also change to white color.


With the floral filigree, It’s really a little bit dignified.


Also, the weapons are different from black version, they are sword and spear.


About the head sculpt, this version uses long golden hair. And the eyes I feel much more sharp than black version.

silver 6

About the accessories, they are similar with black version.



This Golden version I think is much closer to  the image of the spartan warrior that we are used to see. The  whole texture is good as the armor mixes together golden and brown colour.


Also, different from other two versions, the weapons are shield and trident. With red cloak, it can do all kinds of cool poses.

golden 5

When you take off the helmet, you can see this golden version chooses the brown hair, it also very fit with armor.

aciton figure

About these three versions, please suggest your favorite one?


Product Size

Height: 12 inches (30.5cm)
1/6 scale


action figure

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