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Kaiyodo‘s 1/12 scale series has launched a new color DC Comics Harley Quinn action figure, which is different from the classic red and black design of the previous version. This new action figure chooses the red and blue collocation style in the latest anime, not only for the costume, but also for hair and make-up containing these red and blue elements. Let’s take a look!

Harley Quinn

Right: New Color Ver.     Left: Classic Color Ver.

If you are not an old DC Comics fan, I guess that most of you guys like me will prefer this new color version of Harley Quinn action figure. The metallic color of the bodice and hot pants is very beautiful, and the pink and blue gradient on both sides of the blond ponytail is also eye-catching.

Harley Quinn figure

This Harley Quinn action figure is designed by the “movable magician” of Kaiyodo, Katsuhisa Yamaguchi. It is 1/12 scale with a total height of approx. 6 inches (15cm).
There are 40 points of articulation in the whole body of this action figure, which can ensure that it can perform a wide range of motion, which greatly improves the playability.

Harley Quinn action figure

In addition to the wide range of motion of this action figure, Harley Quinn’s shape depiction also has a sense of comics. The design of thick legs and slim waist is very sexy, and compared with many 6-inch male superhero figures, the large area of Harley Quinn’s skin exposed is also very attractive.

Harley Quinn action figure

This Harley Quinn action figure has a total of three expresses faces to choose from.
The picture above shows Harley Quinn’s bubble gum expression. In addition to the red and blue gradient of the blond ponytail, Harry Quinn’s eye shadow coloring looks very well matched with the costume, which makes this action figure very cute overall.
Another point is that all face parts also have movable eyeballs, which also improves the playability.

Harley Quinn figure
Harley Quinn figure

The remaining two expresses faces are normal face and scheming face, both of which have their own characteristics, which fully embody the quirky temperament of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn action figure
Harley Quinn action figure

Harley Quinn’s iconic sledgehammer must be included. What’s interesting is that Kaiyodo also provides a comic-style hitting effect and BOOFSH word plate. When you attach the special effects to the sledgehammer, do you have a feeling of hitting, even if you just swing the sledgehammer in the air?

Harley Quinn action figure

With an attached stand and so many movable joints of articulation, it can make a lot of exaggerated movements with great tension. Just like the above pose of jumping up with a full Leg split and swinging a hammer with both hands to hit the ground, it also can be displayed.

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

In addition to the sledgehammer, there is a baseball bat included, which is also one of Harley Quinn’s commonly used weapons.

Harley Quinn action figure

The accessories of this Harley Quinn action figure are quite rich, in addition to the above-mentioned accessories, there are also 3 pairs of hands.
The most interesting thing is that it also includes a pair of roller skates which it can be replaced of the boots. The scene of Harley Quinn wearing the roller skates and waving a sledgehammer is very exciting to think about.

Harley Quinn action figure

Harley Quinn wears roller skates, and matches the express face of blowing bubble gum can show Harley Quinn’s energetic girly heart.
As a fan of Harley Quinn, I think you should not miss this Harley Quinn action figure with high playability.


Where to buy:  Solaris Japan Harley Quinn action figure
Made of PVC and ABS plastic
Product Size
5.90 inches (15cm)
DC Comics
Action Figure
Release Date
Approximately Dec. 2020

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