Review: Mysterio’s Drones Accessories set-“Spider-Man: Far From Home”

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Have you seen the 2019 superhero film “Spider-Man: Far From Home”? Are you impressed with the holographic illusions and drones used by Mysterio? Have you ever imagined owning such a high-tech drone?
Now comes the highly-detailed Mysterio’s Drones Accessories set which was launched by Hot Toys. Let’s have a look!

Mysterio's Drones Accessories collectible set

Mysterio uses cutting-edge projection technology and drones to create incredible holographic effects of the Elementals to paint himself as a hero, he tricks Spider-Man into twisted reality with nightmares and horrors.

Therefore, the drone is an important prop throughout the entire film. Please take a look at this official picture from Hot Toys, once again let us appreciate its overall appearance and structure.

Mysterio's Drones

This Mysterio’s Drone is 1/6 scale, and its length reaches 14 cm.

The details of the mechanical structure are indeed well depicted, and the bottom is meticulously given a high-accurate restoration.

Mysterio's Drone

There are a lot of metal scratches on the white shell of the drone. That’s because Hot Toys uses aging painting to depict the details of the battle damage of the drone.
It indirectly reflects the fierceness of the battle and makes this drone more textured.

Mysterio's Drone collectible

Compared with the drone in the film, the barrel and engine on the main body of this Mysterio-Drone are very well to recreate the settings in the film. The only regret is that the drone of Hot Toys does not have a built-in LED light-emitting device, the green lamp housings at the front do not emit lights like the drone in the film.

Mysterio's Drones accessories

Unlike other figures of Hot Toys, this drone does not have many accessories.
After all, the focus is on drones this time, so Hot Toys also added two miniature Mysterio-Drones to form a drone group with the 1/6th scaled Mysterio-Drone, and one articulated display stand is also included.


With this articulated display stand, many interesting scenes can indeed be presented.

spider man drone

What’s more interesting about the launch of this Mysterio’s Drones Accessories set is that it can be matched with other 1/6 scale action figures of Hot Toys, such as Mystery and Spider-Man.


As shown in the picture above, it can be played with Spider-Man action figure. Although there are no holographic illusions, there are also wonderful scenes in the film that Spider-Man directly fights drones.

spider-man drones

Do you remember the scene of Spider-Man jumping on the drones in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”?  You also can play them as the pose like the picture above shows. The playability of this Mysterio’s Drones Accessories set is really good.

spider-man Mysterio's Drones

Do you think is there anyone will buy multiple sets of this Mysterio’s Drones accessories set at once?
Look at this picture, you can display the POSE that countless drones vs. Spider-Man.
Is it shocking to think about it?

Where to buysideshow
Spider-Man action figure
Mysterio’s Drones
Product Size
One (1) 1:6 scaled Mysterio-Drone (approximately 14cm W x 13cm L x 7.5cm H)
Two (2) miniature Mysterio-Drones (approximately 5cm W x 4.5cm L x 3cm H)
Hot Toys
Accessories Set
Release date
Jan 2021 – Mar 2021

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