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Iron Studios‘ 1/10 scale “Battle Diorama Series (BDS)” series recently presents a hilarious new collectible statue from MARVEL Comics– The beloved mutant mercenary “Deadpool“! This small statue is quite creative in terms of shape design, let’s take a look!

Deadpool statue

The styling design of Iron Studios‘ BDS series is very dynamic, and the collectible statues of BDS series all recreate certain battle scenes.
There are many X-men statues of BDS series, so the playability of this Deadpool statue is even more prominent, and it can be combined with other X-men statues to create rich battle scenes.

Iron Studios Deadpool statue

This Deadpool statue recreates his very classic red-black battle suit look, the details are not bad, and it also follows the comics’ settings very well.

Iron Studios Deadpool statue

You guys who have seen my reviews of other Iron Studios’ statues should understand that the 1/10 scale is a commonly used specification for Iron Studios designing and making collectible statues, so this Deadpool statue is no exception. Although the scale is not large, thanks to the addition of the base and posture, the height of the whole statue reach 24.5 cm.

Deadpool 1/10 scale statue

This Deadpool statue can be said to be an interesting statue with a sense of conflict. Deadpool’s posture design is definitely a big selling point. Deadpool showed a magnificent jumping posture, funny as if riding a unicorn doll on the stage, he was obviously equipped with powerful weapons such as various pistols, rocket launchers, grenades and katana, but he chose to punish his enemies with a dart, LOL. This funny pose really matches Deadpool’s character.

Iron Studios Deadpool statue

In addition, the action design is full of tension, which greatly enhances the dynamic of this Deadpool statue.

 Deadpool statue

The large number of weapons on Deadpool’s body are quite interesting. In the above picture, Deadpool has grenades attaching to his shoulder and a dart in his hand.

Deadpool statue

The rocket launcher is also more unique, with a shark pattern painted on the rocket head, which is very in line with the style of Deadpool.
Actually zoomed in, the painting details are not perfect, especially the black paint on the launcher‘s body. It may be because the size of this statue is too small, it is difficult to achieve a perfect painting.

Deadpool statue
Deadpool statue

The funny thing is that Deadpool carried a childlike unicorn-shaped backpack, but the backpack is torn and two pairs of katanas are inserted directly, and there are also two rocket heads painted with rich funny patterns in the side pockets. It’s so interesting!

Deadpool statue

Unexpectedly, a doll of Wolverine is hung on the belt of Deadpool’s backpack. It is so funny, while Deadpool was fighting the enemy, he did not forget to tease Wolverine.

Iron Studios Deadpool statue
Deadpool statue

This Deadpool statue also comes with a half-faced interchangeable head, based on the Marvel comics, there are a lot of scars depicted on the face. But to be honest, it’s a bit scary.

Iron Studios Deadpool statue

With this interchangeable head, whether you have a lot of ideas to display this statue or not?

Deadpool statue

The most eye-catching thing is the unicorn doll on the base. Its funny facial expression is so matched with Deadpool.

Deadpool statue

Look, Deadpool has targeted you, it’s impossible for you to escape. So hurry up and add it to your collection.


Where to buy:  Sideshow  Deadpool statue
Product Size
9.6 inches (24.38cm)
Iron Studios
Release Date
Second-quarter of 2021

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