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Recently, MegaHouse presents a figure of Shinobu Kocho from the anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba“. The styling design of this figure that shows the elegant shape of a butterfly spreading wings is very beautiful. Her Haori coat is painted with pearl luster, with a delicate texture like silk. Let’s have a look!

Shinobu Kocho

As usual, let’s first introduce the size of this Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho figure. Its height is approx. 19 cm, which is the 8-inch size commonly used by Megahouse.

Shinobu Kocho figure

To be honest, it is not a simple matter for any manufacturer to show the unique and gorgeous Haori coat of Shinobu Kocho.
MegaHouse chose the posture of Shinobu Kocho gently floating down from the sky, and her Haori coat naturally fluttered like wings! With a gently landing posture and a sweet smile, it presents you with a very elegant and beautiful picture.

Shinobu Kocho figure

The standard Demon Slayer uniform of this Shinobu Kocho figure is well recreated.
Features the dark-purple tinted straight-lined black jacket that comes with golden buttons, and the hakama pants that are tucked into a butterfly pattern tabi socks. They are exactly the same as the character’s wearing in the original anime.
The wrinkles on the pants are also very well depicted, reflecting the looseness and comfort that the hakama pants should have.

Shinobu Kocho figure

From the side view, you can see the lovely image of Shinobu Kocho landing on her toes. By the way, her white sandals with purple straps also are well depicted.

Shinobu Kocho figure

Look in this direction, the details of Shinobu Kocho’s katana hilt and scabbard are fully revealed, and you can feel that it has been sculpted with beautiful care.
Shinobu Kocho’s beautiful physique can be seen through the bottom edges of Haori coat that swing up in the wind. You can even see the words on the back of the black jacket. It’s really full of details.
Of course, the shape of the left hand exposed in the sleeves is also worth appreciating.

Shinobu Kocho figure

This head sculpture is very good.
The expression of a sweet smile is properly portrayed, and the eyes are very well to show the gentle side of Shinobu Kocho’s character, and her hair that flutters slightly in the wind also makes your mind rippling.

Shinobu Kocho figure
Shinobu Kocho figure

The next focus is on the white Haori coat of this Shinobu Kocho figure, which previously belonged to her older sister.
This is a highlight of this figure, you can see a butterfly wing pattern that fades into a turquoise then pink color on the sleeves and bottom edges which are cuffed with a black and white dotted trim. In addition to showing the elegant shape of flapping wings like a butterfly, MegaHouse also adds a lot of detailed wrinkles on the white Haori coat.

Shinobu Kocho figure

From the back, the surface of the Haori coat is not smooth, but full of wrinkles and undulations. With pearl luster painting, different angles can show a very beautiful satin light-shadow effect!
Besides, the white and purple butterfly ornament on her head is also very beautiful.

Demon Slayer Shinobu Kocho figure

Finally, I hope that the base of this Shinobu Kocho figure can be designed more beautifully, then the aura of the whole figure can be increased to a level immediately. Let us look forward to it together.


Where to buy:  Solaris Japan Shinobu Kocho figure
Product Size
Approx. 19 cm in height
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Release Date
January 2021

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