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Recently, there has been a storm in the Dragon Ball world’s collector market. Everyone is discussing a god-level figure, that is the Super Master Stars Piece (SMSP) Manga DimensionsSuper Saiyan Goku figure released by Banpresto in 2017. Now it is reissued. Then why is it discussed by everyone? let us take a look.


This SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure is called a god-level work by fans. Since its release in 2017, the price has once been hyped up to more than $150, which shows how popular this Goku figure is.

Now it’s reissued, fans who like this figure have a chance to get a brand new original work again at the price when it was first released. Fans who missed previous purchase opportunities, or liked Dragon Ball Figures later, this time is really a great collection opportunity.

Super Saiyan Goku figure

Why is this SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure so popular?

First of all, because this figure completely recreates the classic look on the cover of Dragon Ball manga’s Chapter 323 “The Two Wishes” in 1991, and the content of The Two Wishes in Chapter 323 also impressed me deeply.

The cover of the manga shows an image of Goku at the time that he would rather die on Namek, but also have to kill Freeza.

Dragon Ball Z

The Manga tells that during the death battle between Super Saiyan Goku and Freeza, the Earth Dragon God resurrected everyone who was killed by Freeza on Namek, and meanwhile Freeza used Kuririn’s death to stimulate Goku.

Dragon Ball Z

This directly caused Goku, who had turned into a Super Saiyan because of his intense anger, to become angry again. During this time, Grand Elder Guru was preparing to make a wish to the Namek Dragon God to move everyone except Freeza to the earth.

Dragon Ball Z

The furious Super Saiyan Goku directly asked Grand Elder Guru to change his wish, and made a wish to the Namek Dragon God to move everyone except himself and Freeza to the earth, so as to free up the Namek planet that is about to explode as the final battlefield for two of them.

Dragon Ball Z

Finally, Namek Dragon God agreed to this request, and Goku also showed a relieved smile.

In addition to the touching Manga story, this SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure is really huge. The height of Banpresto’s ordinary MSP Goku figure is approx. 270mm, while the height of this SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure reaches almost 340mm. So the display effect is very shocking.

Banpresto Super Saiyan Goku figure
Credit: Kyojin/Hpoi

The above photo from Kyojin (collector) is more convincing and attractive.

The specifications of this figure, Banpresto called it Manga Dimensions, can be understood as a two-dimensional Manga-colored paint application, with a very Manga cell-shaded all over the body.

The painting effect of shadows and highlights on the figure is very natural, and there is no sense of abrupt transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

Banpresto Super Saiyan Goku figure
Credit: Kyojin/Hpoi

The head sculpt of this Super Saiyan Goku figure is also a highlight. The golden hair representing Super Saiyan has a natural shape and bright colors. There are many bootlegs, and you can know they are bootlegs just per to Goku’s hair shape.

Goku’s face painting naturally recreates the shadows and highlights of Goku’s face in the Manga.

Coupled with the depiction of delicate eyes, not only the serious expression of Goku is reflected in place, but the determination to kill Freeza is also revealed.

Banpresto Super Saiyan Goku figure
Credit: Kyojin/Hpoi

The muscle lines on Goku’s body and the protruding veins on his arms are also depicted, making the whole figure full of power.

Banpresto Super Saiyan Goku figure
Credit: Kyojin/Hpoi

The detailed description of the worn-out Keikogi (martial art suit) is also very rich. A large area of shadows can be seen on the pants.

Broken costumes and Manga-colored paintings reveal the fierceness of the battle and also highlight the uncontrollable anger in Goku’s heart at this time!

Banpresto Super Saiyan Goku figure
Credit: Kyojin/Hpoi

Compared with the normal version, this two-dimensional color scheme is also better in terms of visual expressiveness. So it makes sense that the first edition of this SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure has been loved by fans.

All in all, this is a Goku figure with extremely cost-effective and high quality. If you missed this reissue, I really don’t know when you can buy it next time!

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth
SMSP Super Saiyan Goku figure
Product Size
Height: 340mm
Dragon Ball
Non-articulated figure
Release Date
April 2021

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