Ranking of Kings: New Bojji Action Figure & Kage Action Figure

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Japan’s toy brand BANDAI SPIRITS recently presents a new action figure of prince Bojji, the protagonist in the hit series “Ranking of Kings“. Design is simple but very lovable, and it also comes with a prince’s companion Kage action figure. Let’s take a look together!

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

This Bojji action figure adopts a 1/12 scale, it is only 9 cm tall, approx. 3.5 inches.
And it joins the S.H.Figuarts series of Bandai Spirits. It can be said to be a rare small size in S.H.Figuarts.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

I believe that those friends who have watched Ranking of Kings are all touched by Bojji. Although he is born deaf and dumb, weak in strength, and not considered by everyone to have the ability to succeed the king, Bojji himself never gives up. With the help of friends, he grows up gradually and demonstrates unique abilities.

This S.H.Figuarts Prince Bojji action figure uses animated modeling as the main appearance reference. He is wearing a dark blue dress. Of course, the crown on his head is also portrayed. And the look of his round head is very cute.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

Because Bojji’s head is much bigger than the average 6-inch figures, the different expressions of this Bojji action figure are more vivid and anime style. A simple laugh is very innocent, heart-warming and very contagious.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

There are 4 kinds of expression parts that can be replaced, including smile, laugh, panic and serious expression. This also improves the playability of the Bojji action figure.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure
Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

Among the accessories is a sword with scabbard. You can do the poses of drawing swords and fencing.
This sword is an exclusive weapon that Bojji obtained after learning to practice from Despa in the underworld.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

In addition, there is a wooden stick in the accessories, which is the weapon used by Bojji in the duel with his younger half-brother Daida in the animation.

Ranking of kings
Ranking of Kings

Now that there is a stick weapon, the next S.H.Figuarts work of Ranking of Kings is definitely a Daida action figure!
In this way, the scene of the duel between Bojji and Daida can be recreated.

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

Finally, this Bojji action figure also comes with a green cape, which can be worn freely. The last thing I need to mention is the Kage action figure of Bojji’s first friend, a creature from the Shadow Clan, which is also included!

Ranking of Kings Bojji action figure

There are not many accessories, but the style is warm and cute. Guys who like the anime series “Ranking of Kings” can consider collecting it. 

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Bojji action figure & Kage action figure
Product Size
Approx. 3.5 inches (9cm)
Made of ABS, PVC
Ranking of Kings
BANDAI SPIRITS / S.H. Figuarts series
Action Figure
Release Date
May 2022

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