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Iron Studios is proud to present the Colossus Battle Diorama Series Statue from 1990s X-Men Marvel Comics, recreates the classic comic character, and the pose is also quite striking. Let’s have a look!

X men Colossus

This Colossus statue by Iron Studios is based on 1990s X-Men and is specially hand-painted. The classic battle suit combined with yellow and red colors is well recreated.


The statue is still 1/10 scale adopted by Iron Studios, and the overall height reaches 30cm and weight is 1.1kg. Although the scale is not large, the size and weight are appreciable.


Zoom in the details of battle suit, the surface texture is quite well described and painted, reproduces the tactile sensation of real material.

Colossus BDS Art Scale

This pose shows the Colossus holding up the metallic debris of the Sentinel robot with both hands, preparing to throw forward.

colossus x men staute

The overall pose of the movement is full of tension. As a small-scale statue, definitely should be this kind of dynamic POSE.

X men Colossus statue
colossus x men staute

The top’s parts of metallic debris are well detailed described, and the back fracture is also treated with the aging effect of war damage. Meanwhile, also recreates the details of some real cable.

x men movie colossus

About the part of Colossus’s body, the iconic steel skin is well striking. Especially the gloss of metal painting of skin surface is very good.

marvel x men colossus

The muscular line is very bright and clear, and you can see that there are also folds on the combat boot. It is very close to reality.

By the way, the base is also reminiscent of the remains of a concrete column, which was once part of Mansion X.

x men colossus figure

So this Colossus statue is really quite rich in detail. What’s your opinion? Please leave your comment below.


Where to buy: sideshow

Product Size

11.8 in (H) x 5.9 in (W) x 8.3 in (L)
Weight: 1.1 kg
Marvel Comics

Release date
Jun 2021 – Aug 2021

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