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Sideshow recently launched an X-Men Wolverine Figure from Marvel comics. This product is not only classic in appearance, but also full of tension in action posture. Let’s take a look!

wolverine figure

As shown above, the total height of this Wolverine Figure is 19 inches, approx. 52.1 cm.
And it belongs to the Sideshow Premium Format™ Figure series.

Marvel wolverine figure

This time, this amazing figure recreates the comic style of Wolverine, and displays the pose of Wolverine leaping up in the snowy forest, opening his arms, waving his adamantium claws, and preparing to attack the enemy.

X men wolverine figure

Wolverine’s body has a very large range of movements and a full of tension in the shape.
The design of the brown and yellow costume is very retro and classic, faithfully recreates his modeled appearance in Marvel comics.

wolverine figure

Look from behind, his thick arms and muscle contours are very full and exaggerated, and the whole body exudes a sense of strength.

wolverine figure

The main body is cleverly connected with the base part through the toppled tree and the sole of his left foot.
The position of Wolverine’s foot on the toppled tree is very natural, and the whole supporting structure does not give people the feeling of being too deliberately designed.
This design avoids the use of brackets to destroy the integrity. While improving the aesthetics of the product, it also enhances its dynamic performance.

X-men wolverine figure

From a closer look, the muscles of Wolverine’s body are really well sculpted. Especially the muscle lines on the surface of the arm are very clearly portrayed.

wolverine figure

In addition, it can be seen on the costume that with the ups and downs of the character’s muscles, the obvious shadow coating has been done, and enhances the three-dimensional sense of the character’s image.

Marvel wolverine figure

This Wolverine Figure’s head sculpt is wearing a mask, and the roaring expression with open mouth is also vividly portrayed.

wolverine figure

The figure base adopts the theme of snow landscape, and the toppled tree also has rich snow effects.

wolverine figure base

The soles of Wolverine’s boots also have snow details, this part well reflects the theme of the base.


This Wolverine Figure can also be matched with the Sabretooth figure previously launched in this same series to create an intense battle scene.

X-Men Figure

If you have collected other X-Men Figures from Sideshow before. Then I believe you will be very interested in this Wolverine Figure.

wolverine figure

In addition, this Wolverine Figure also has an Exclusive version.
The Exclusive version will have one more head sculpture with an unmasked portrait than the normal version.
It features Logan’s wild and frenzied face, and the character expression is very vivid, which enriches the content of this figure.

marvel wolverine figure

Claw out a space for this Marvel Wolverine Figure in your universe of Marvel collectibles today!

Where to buy: Sideshow X-Men Wolverine Figure
Made of polystone
Product Size
20.5 x 15 x 14 inches (52.1cm x 38.1cm x 35.6cm)
Sideshow Collectibles | Premium Format™ Figure series
Release Date
Nov 2021 – Jan 2022

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