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The well-known Japanese toy company MEDICOM TOY officially launched a Batman Action Figure ( Stealth Jumper Ver.) from the DC classic comics “Batman: Hush“. Its design is very interesting and brings a different Batman style. Let’s take a look!

batman hush batman ation figure

This Batman action figure ( Stealth Jumper Ver.) belongs to the Mafex series of MEDICOM TOY.
It adopts a 1/6 scale, and his total height is approx. 16cm, which is 6.3 inches.

batman hush batman ation figure

Although this Batman suit appeared in the comics “Batman: Hush” for a short time, it left a very deep impression to the audience. The new image of Batman, especially the mechanical device on his chest, is very eye-catching.

batman hush batman
Batman: Hush

Compared with the screenshot of the comics “Batman: Hush”, this action figure faithfully reproduces the model look in the comics.
Gray battle suits, arm armor, knee pads, belts, and a large number of tactical storage bags are all depicted.
Even the vertical lines on the gray battle suit are also richly recreated.

batman hush batman ation figure
batman hush batman ation figure

The cloak part is an accessory that can not be ignored in Batman action figures.
And this Batman figure’s cloak is made of real fabric material.
From the picture, you can see that the cloth of the cloak is thicker, and the texture I think should be good.

batman hush batman ation figure

In addition, the edges of the cloak are also built-in with iron wires, so that the cloak can be posed to different shapes.
Coupled with a wide range of motion of this action figure, it is possible to display the scene that Batman falling from the sky like the above screenshot of the comic “Batman: Hush”.

batman hush batman ation figure

Of course, as the Stealth Jumper Version of the Batman action figure, the biggest highlight is the breathing device on the chest.
It can be seen that the depiction of the related mechanical structure is quite rich.
Some button details are also shown.

batman hush batman ation figure

From the above picture, it seems that the breathing tube cannot be removed from Batman’s mouth this time.

batman hush batman ation figure

In addition to the interchangeable hands, the only weapon included in the accessories is the Batarang.
You can display this Batman action figure in a pose that is ready to launch a Batarang.

batman hush batman ation figure

It would be better if the weapon accessories could be more abundant. Then I believe that the playability also will be higher.

batman hush batman ation figure

Considering that there are really not so many accessories in this comic “Batman: Hush”.
So in this way, this action figure can be regarded as a faithful reproduction, LOL.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Batman Action Figure ( Stealth Jumper Ver.)
Product Size
6.3 inches (16cm)
Made of ABS, PVC, and fabric
Action Figure
Release Date
June 2022

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  1. Looks like a cool figure with all the detailing and I like that cape. I missed that Hush storyline but looking at that picture, I find it funny that Talia Al Gaul (I’m guessing that is her…), hasn’t got any breathing equipment. I’m thinking that the reason Batman is wearing all this gear is that he is probably doing a HALO jump…so…she has some impressive holding her breath skills and talking at the same time lol !

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