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Fan of League of legends? That might be what brought you here, looking for the scale figure splendidly sculpted of the Star Guardian Zoe. Along with the other most popular characters of the game, Zoe was never left behind to catch many people’s attention.
Recently, Good Smile Company (GSC) has launched a Star Guardian Zoe Figure from this hit game.
Would you like to scroll down and learn a few details about the scale figure of the Star Guardian Zoe and see if it suits your collection? Go ahead and do it, but be prepared for the mind-blowing qualities of the product you’re about to see.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

Mischievous, whimsical and unpredictable, Zoe is the embodiment of it all. Her existence began in ancient times, and she has been traveling between the stars and the universe, serving as a messenger for Targon.
As the Aspect Of Twilight, Zoe has a ton of toys and traps to play with others. Annoy your enemies with bubbles, stars and spells, then dodge and swipe through life-threatening playgrounds with reversal jumps, throwing spells in unexpected places for your enemies—and herself.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

This Star Guardian Zoe figure uses a 1/7 scale, and its height is 24 cm, approx. 9.45 inches.
I have to mention that Star Guardian Zoe, actually is a League of Legends skin for Zoe. So obviously, Zoe dressed up in the Star Guardian theme.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

The entire figure is a non-articulated figure, reproducing the posture of Zoe casting a spell and jumping out of the portal. The extra-long hair floats with the trajectory of the spell in her hand, which is very dynamic

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

Even the expression on Zoe’s face is detected as one of the most fierce yet sarcastic ones as she stands confidently in front of her enemies. The skin of the character Zoe contained were the colors blue, pink, and purple as her eyes have depicted the exact theme.

With the translucent material parts, her hair is also made with delicacy application to ensure great quality and the character’s appearance. While her black attire is a bit unique, you can still see alot of the details sculpted over it.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

The entire hair accounts for a large proportion of the entire figure and has a lot of details. The colors are also very rich, and you will unconsciously focus on it for observation.
In addition, If you take a closer look at the head sculpt, you can see that the piece of ornament that she has on her head is the perfect replica of her character in the Leagues of Legends game.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure
Star Guardian Zoe Figure

As you can see, her pet has also been settled beside her, so the mini scale figure is rid of loneliness. The purple skin of her pet has the exact pair of eyes like Star Guardian Zoe as they are the perfect imitation of the personality and the appearance of Zoe in a tiny body.
You can even see his little tentacles popping out, giving us a hint that the pet is an octopus, a fearless octopus, as judged by its facial expression.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

Who doesn’t love long boots, right? The scale figure of Zoe has long white boots with a little purple flower over her feet to exhibit her height, even from the game. Even some parts of her hair are contained with her signature symbol in the ornament, a diamond-shaped accessory.
She stands on a small base of portal, and the interior of the portal is designed to look like a black hole expanding outward. With a rectangular square, the visual experience is quite good.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

The back of the figure is recreated in a way that her translucent hair along with the portal base that possesses her ability as a powerful guardian is also mirrored inside the figure.
In particular, the back of the base is cleverly designed into a spiral shape, which gives people the feeling of appearing out of thin air, which is very in line with the feature of the portal.
There are also star embellishments on the base, which fits very well with Zoe’s skin theme.

Star Guardian Zoe Figure

A die-hard fan of League of Legends stops at nothing when it comes to collecting every single character of the game, so why are you stopping yourself? Even though the diorama is a 1/7 scale figure, it is the perfect choice to go for when you want to have a collection of League of Legends characters.

Get your hands on the Star Guardian Zoe figure of one of the game’s most loved and adored characters, League of Legends.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Star Guardian Zoe figure
Product Size
Approx. 9.45 inches (24cm)
Made of plastic
League of Legends
Good Smile Company (GSC)
Release Date
Sep. 2023

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