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Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the scariest monster has been sculpted as a figure. The intimidating look of the monster whose soul is carried by a mysterious woman named Kisara is fiercer than any other monster out there.
The figure seems to be sculpted with efficient details along with the perfect posture and the build of the Blue-Eyes three-headed monster. It has already been launched by Amiami & Amakuni recently. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the monster.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

This Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure is a non-scale and non-articulated figure. It is a total of 35cm in height, approx. 13.78 inches.
And it is designed based on the Amakuni “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” series.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

As you can see, the figure has seen to be sculpted with such details in consideration. The three necks and heads of the monsters, each of the heads have the same type of linings over them. The Blue-Eyes monster’s heads have a mouth with sharp teeth and claws of his hands entirely on display.

With a height of 14 inches, including the base, the figure seems to be made exactly as tall to replicate the original version of the monster in the anime and the manga. Also, the wings are spread wide to help resemble the way the monster used to fight with his enemies.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

The figure can be seen attached to the figure stand to help balance the body of the monster with three necks and heads. In this figure, you can find a single body of the monster in blue color sculpted with three necks and a long widely spread tail. The wings of the monster are also perfectly sculpted with one pointy edge to finish its enemies with one single hit as the heads stand fiercely right at the front.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

From this angle, you can see the whole body is covered with thick spikes as the entire body is covered in blue color. This monster’s fangs, nails, and patterns on his forehead have been meticulously crafted.

The hands of the monster have spiked claws on them and even the legs are covered entirely in thick spikes like the one of the neck is tilted a little bit to look at the same target the others are pointing at.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

From the back, you can also see that the body of the monster might be covered in spikes, it also has thick and bold linings all over itself. The lines are some kind of fins of the monster as the figure stands out intimidatingly through those. The wings’ ends are stopped at a pointy edge along with the tail of the monster as the claws are also sharp enough to pierce through any surface, material, or body. 

The linings over the wings of the monster are also made with such extreme details that not even a single mistake can be seen easily.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

With even more of a close-up look, you can see the blue scary eyes of the monster along with the red tongue inside its mouth as the entire head looks so fierce, able to scare off whoever’s the enemy. The top of the heads seems like the shelter for them as they look almost like metal but even their heads were indeed hard to breakthrough in the anime.

The sharp teeth are also on full display that can easily bite into any kind of material given to it.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

From the other side of the angle, you can also see the clear acrylic stand that helps balance the top and the main head of the monster that stands in between the other two.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure

The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is a legendary card in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! , and used by Seto Kaiba and the mysterious Kaibaman.This figure is the perfect replication of an intimidating monster represented in both the anime and the manga.

Get your hands on one of the most flawlessly sculpted figures to let your collection have the best portrayal of a fierce view. Order it as soon as possible before it has run out of stock.

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Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Figure
Product Size
Approximately 13.78 inches (35cm)
Made of PVC
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Amiami & Amakuni
Non-articulated Figure
Release Date
1st Quarter 2023

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