Pizza&Beer,defeated version-Bro Thor action figure

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Beast Kingdom also presents a new Egg Attack Action series 6-inch action figure, “Avengers: Endgame Bro Thor.” And this version is very funny as attached many accessories, such as Pizza, sandwich, drink can, etc. Let’s have a look!

Bro Thor

After Thanos’ victory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Avengers: Infinity War,”  Thor is despondent on saving the world. For five years, he stayed at home all day drinking heavily, overeating and playing video games in an extreme effort to avoid facing reality. Consequently, he becomes a fat, slovenly homebody that barely resembles the real Thor.

This fat defeated version Bro Thor action figure recreates the scene at that time.

Bro Thor action figure

The action figure is designed as Bro Thor is dressed in the clothing he wears around the house. A hoodie, plaid pajama pants and a red robe bring out the casual style of a stereotypical middle-aged man.

Bro Thor movie

Look at the picture, exactly the same it is.

Bro Thor aciton figure

With the costume design, it avoids joint exposure leading to affecting the integrity. Even you can put the beer can in Bro Thor’s pocket of the hoodie. LOL.

Bro Thor figure accessories

There are so many funny accessories attached, we can see in this picture, four pairs of interchangeable handshapes (clenched fist, relaxed, open palm, holding a beer), Stormbreaker, sunglasses, pizza, sandwich, drink can, and slippers is wearing.

Meanwhile, the base is also interesting, there is a fat Thor pattern on it.

Bro Thor figure

Besides, it is also attached an interchangeable facial expression of smiling. I need to mention that the eyes are different, did you see it?  Because in the movie, one of Thor’s eyes is false. So it is also well recreated in the figure.

Bro Thor

Wearing the sunglasses, raising the beer can, “let’s cheers, bro.”

Bro Thor

How can you pass up this defeated version of Thor? Get yours today!


Where to buy: sideshow
Product Size
6 inches (16.5cm)
plastic and fabric
Action figure

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