Perfect head sculpts-Ichigo Kurosaki action figure

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So happy to see such an awesome Japanese anime BLEACH action figure– “Ichigo Kurosaki” which was presented by GAMETOYS. Comes with the three head sculpts and masks of fluorescent special effects painting!

Ichigo Kurosaki

This Ichigo Kurosaki 1/6 scale action figure looks original at first glance, slender figure matches with a wide Diepa wearing, and carrying the huge Zangetsu. Really cool of it.

Kurosaki ichigo
Ichigo Kurosaki aciton figure

The head sculpt is carved full of the anime style, and the emotional expression of the eyes and mouth is conveyed very well! It is almost the most successful Ichigo 1/6 scale figure head sculpture I have ever seen.

ichigo figure

This huge Zangetsu with the bandage knife sleeve can be attached to Ichigo’s back.

ichigo action figure
ichigo collectible figure

The modeling bandage has an inlaid molding copper wire, which can make a powerful stab attack pose!

game toys ichigo Kurosaki

There is also a Tensa Zangetsu attached. The Bankai-shaped handguard and the iron chain on the handle are very well detailed.

ichigo Kurosaki collectibles

To match with this Tensa Zangetsu, the attached Bankai black coat and hakama can also be worn. Haha, looks really handsome overall.

Kurosaki ichigo figure

The second head sculpt is the half hollow face, which is more maddening than the previous normal one.

Kurosaki ichigo figure

This one is also super wonderful, the violent expression of Ichigo Kurosaki is carved vividly, when he can’t control himself after being hollow.

Kurosaki ichigo figure

There is also inlaid molding copper wire at the hem of the coat’s sides, which can be made into a tumbling shape to perfectly match with this head sculpture.

ichigo collectible figure

Use your imagination to do a pose with a fascinating look.

ichigo figure

The third head sculpt is a hollow face.

 1/6 Scale Kurosaki ichigo figure

These two head sculpts are all fluorescent eye coating, the eyes will glow under UV ultraviolet light.


There are so many accessories included. It is worth buying such an amazing action figure for your collection.

Product Size
Approx 34 cm
Game Toys
Action Figure
Release Date
Approximately Q4/2020

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