Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure (so-bin Ver.)- Girly Look Of A White Bikini

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Animes are a hit amongst the Gen Z generation, and Overlord is considered to be one of the most famously acclaimed and applauded anime of today’s date and time. While there are a lot of fan-favorite characters in this series, one of the most fan-acclaimed characters is Aura Bella Fiora.

To cater to the wide fan following of this series, UNION CREATIVE has come up with a non-scale figure of the Aura Bella Fiora character. So let’s see how this popular depiction figure of the famous Aura Bella Fiora character is accessorized and portrayed by UNION CREATIVE!

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

In Overlord, Aura Bella Fiora, an NPC created by Bukubukuchagama, is the guardian of the sixth floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Her eyes are of different colors, and her set age is 76 years old, which is still growing for one of the dark elves. She is a young girl with a lively and outgoing personality like a teenager and dressed like a boy.

She has the ability to control hundreds of magic beasts as a beast tamer and ranger, as well as a variety of special abilities for reconnaissance and hunting. She moves very sensitively in the forest and is the king of the forest.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

This Aura Bella Fiora Figure is a non-articulated and non-scale figure, its total height is 32cm, approx. 12.6 inches.
And it depicts the same picture of the Aura Bella Fiora character based on the Overlord series and so-bin’s artwork, which is also named so-bin version.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

Overlord is one of the most favorite novel-based anime series by anime lovers, and so is the character from it, Aura Bella Fiora. As you can see, the sculpture from head to toe seems to be sculpted with extra care and detailing, keeping her minimalistic tomboyish look to be replicated in this figure.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

The Aura Bella Fiora figure stands on a wooden and flowery bed.

Her posture is also mirrored to copy her delicate appearance as she plays along with the ball in her hands. The yellowish-blonde hair is also replicated perfectly in the figure solely to help the sculpture replicate the original version from the anime series.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

Aura Bella Fiora can be seen draped in a white, gold and black lustrous beach outfit, more like a bikini, topped off with the same necklace and hand accessory worn by Aura Bella Fiora during the show. The exact intricate details of the figure can be seen in the golden shade of hair, a flock of hair standing from the middle, and popped out elven pointed ears.

Besides that, the figure of this character is also carved in a fit and curvy body like that shown in the series Overlord

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

The dress is completed with a white pair of shorts like the vest plated with gold. Her neck also features an acorn necklace that oozes and gives off a golden light. Her dress also contains a whip draped around her waist and a vast embellished bow on the back. Her accessories also include a watch that was gifted to her by Ainz and contained the recorded voice of her creator.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure
Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

With the close-up look of her face and body, you can see that her sculpted facial expression is also enough to portray her happy appearance. Along with that, the character is also characterized by golden hair and a green and blue eye, called the heterochromia condition.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

The figure of this character from Overlord, Aura Bella Fiora, is no lesser or different than the character itself. You can also see that the base contains the most beautiful details of all time. The bloomed flowers that rest peacefully beside Aura Bella Fiora’s feet and the beautifully carved rock behind and under her are also replicated to help portray the exact same image of the character in the original anime series.

Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure
Overlord Aura Bella Fiora Figure

The beach look of Aura Bella Fiora is completed in this toy figure with the most decorative piece of the figure along with the base that entirely displays the stay at the beach for some relaxation. So, without wasting a second more, make sure you make Aura Bella Fiora’s realistic non-articulated figure a part of your collection and show it off to your friends.

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Where to buy: Solaris Japan  Overlord Aura Bella Fiora (so-bin Ver.) Figure
Product Size
Approx. 12.6 inches (32cm)
Made of ATBC-PVC and ABS
Overlord | so-bin’s artwork
Non-articulated Figure
Release Date
4th Quarter 2022

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