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After launching the Tatsumaki (Terrible Tornado) collectible figure of One-Punch Man, DAMTOYS recently presents the collectible figure of her sisterFubuki”, also known by her hero alias “Hellish Blizzard“, who is the B-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. This product still has many highlights, let’s have a look!!!

Hellish Blizzard

This collectible figure is the second one of the “One-Punch Man” series which is launched by DAMTOYS, and it is also the only Fubuki collectible figure in the market.

And this Fubuki collectible figure is 1/7 scale, approx. 23cm tall, and it is made of PVC and ABS materials.

Hellish Blizzard figure

The Fubuki collectible figure chooses the domineering posture of sitting on a destroyed set of stairs with crossing her legs, and fiddling with the pearl necklace by the left hand at the same time, which is very powerful just like a queen.

 Fubuki collectible figure

The costume design is still relatively recreated to the Anime style. And the wide skirt is matched with knee-length tight boots, which are domineering and sexy.


To be honest, this costume well highlights Fubuki‘s figure, the proud upper body, and the slender legs, the lines on them are well carved.

In addition, the folds of the clothes are also revealed, making the overall character image more full and close to reality.

One Punch Man Fubuki figure

The fluffy coat behind Fubuki adds a lot of color to this collectible figure, and the fluff on the surface also are lots of details carved. When the flying skirt is matched with this coat, the total visual effect is richer and the character’s momentum is much increased.

fubuki figures
Hellish Blizzard figures

Compared with the anime picture, the character’s head sculpture is also good. The same hairstyle, exquisite face shape, and a smile at the corner of the mouth, all fit the character’s aura. But It’s better if the overall one-piece skirt can be a little more delicate.

One Punch Man

We have already introduced the “Terrible Tornado”. In addition to the sisters, DAMTOYS will also launch the next “One-Punch Man” Saitama. It seems that this series will continue to be enriched. If you are interested, please subscribe to FigureFun and wait for the latest news.

Product Size
1/7 scale, Height: approx. 23cm
One-Punch Man
Release Date
First quarter, 2021

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