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Underverse recently launched a 1/6 scale action figure: Fighting JC, which was designed by the famous Australian designer Ashley Wood.
Fighting JC is the righteous leader in Adventure Kartel ( a popular art book by Ashley Wood ), and he is very popular. This time, Fighting JC appears in two versions: Resurrecter and Mean Essene.
So how is their performance? Let’s take a look.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

In fact, when Ashley Wood was in Three A ( a Hongkong toy brand ) before, he has designed and released Fighting JC action figures in 2012.

After many years, this is also Ashley Wood’s first Fighting JC action figure after leaving Three A and reorganizing Underverse, so it has a special meaning.

Sporting a fresh new design by creator Ashley Wood, the righteous leader of the Adventure Kartel makes his triumphant return to smite evil with Underverse.

Just as the official introduction

I will also compare it to the Fighting JC action figure of the previous Three A period, and give you a detailed introduction.

Resurrecter JC

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

This Fighting JC Action Figure‘s size design is a common 1/6 scale on the market, which is 12″ tall. And there are as many as 28 points of articulation, which allows you to display this action figure into many poses of big range movement.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Regarding this Fighting JC action figure, it adopts the new UV body, and the head sculpt also has a new-look. The whole design style has changed a lot from before. It can be said that it is a brand new upgrade.

Fighting JC action figure
Three A Version

Compared with the old Three A version 8 years ago,

  • The new version has a more beautiful muscle line design, especially the shape of the chest muscles has become more three-dimensional and full, and the shape of the ribs is also clearly visible.
  • The connection between the chest and the abdomen is more ingenious, the gaps are greatly reduced, and the bright abdomen is more beautiful.
  • In addition, the mitre joints between the upper body parts and the shoulders are also handled well. Although the seamless design cannot be achieved, it has been as smooth as possible to reduce the exposure of the gaps.
Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Look at the picture above, it shows the appearance of Fighting JC from various angles. The new version’s body design is indeed very good. There is no inconsistency, and the muscle lines are graceful, highlighting the perfect body of a fighter, in line with the aesthetics of the real public.

The old version of Fighting JC is best displayed in clothes, and the new version of Fighting JC with a naked upper body is also very ornamental.

Fighting JC action figure

Let’s compare the new and old versions of the head sculptures.

  • The new version of Fighting JC’s hairstyle has changed a lot, and the amount of hair has also increased a lot!
  • The headband has been changed from the outer side of the hair to the inner side, makes the contour of the hairstyle more obvious.
  • The beard has been changed to a beard that connects to the base of the ears, makes it more rugged and stylish.
  • The design of the eyes is more fierce and sharp, full of determination to fight.
Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Regarding the costume, the new version of Fighting JC has a strong boxer style.

Wearing a pair of boxer shorts, a pair of sports leggings inside, and a pair of fashionable JCeezys sneakers on his feet. The coat is the oversized hooded robe that boxers often wear, and a pair of boxing bandages are wrapped around both arms.

The whole set of costumes including bandages has an obvious weathering effect, which makes Fighting JC’s character image more full.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Regarding the accessories, in addition to 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, it also includes a 13″ tall cross.
The texture of the old dead wood and stone base is very good, and the decoration of the chains and nails on the cross is also very creative.

The cross-matched with Fighting JC, it faithfully recreates the story scene in Adventure Kartel. It also improves the playability of this action figure a lot.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

There are many detailed tattoos on the body of this Fighting JC action figure, and also has depictions similar to some bloodstains. Makes the image of the fighter of Fighting JC more three-dimensional.

All in all, this Fighting JC action figure is very attractive to everyone and is worth collecting.

Mean Essene JC

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

In addition to the yellow-haired “resurrection JC”, Underverse also launched a black-haired “Mean Essene JC” to be chosen.

Although it is just a color change, the overall feeling really changed a lot.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

The Mean Essene JC has more fierce eyes.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Display on a fighting pose and you will find that he is not a guy that can be trifled with.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Put on the oversized hooded boxing robe and add the above interchangeable hands, this pose is very domineering.

Underverse Fighting JC action figure

Mean Essene JC lacks bright blonde hair, and the overall style is gloomy, but it shows a different charm.

Where to buy: Underverse
Product Size
Height: 12″
Adventure Kartel
Action Figure
Release Date
The first batch is limited and exclusive to the UV online shops at
The 2nd Batch will be offered at Retail and Online and will ship in Q2 2021.

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