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To commemorate Kobe Bryant‘s wonderful NBA career, ENTERBAY presents a real masterpiece Kobe Bryant action figure to represent him at his last game, attached with 2 head sculpt, a memorial white jacket, and 14 trophies, I believe every fan will want to have it. Let us together have a look!

kobe bryant action figure

ENTERBAY presents this action figure to recreate the brave performance of Kobe Bryant’s 60-point reversal in the final battle before his retirement.
Kobe ended his NBA career with a perfect game. The Lakers ended the 2015-16 season with 17 wins and 65 losses. And 60 is also Kobe’s best feedback to the 6 billion people around the world! The 20-year career came to an end. Did fans cry at that time?

kobe bryant action figure
  • This Kobe Bryant action figure uses a 1/6 scale, and the overall height is about 12 inches, which is 30.48cm.
  • At the same time, the entire action figure is also equipped with up to 30 points of articulations, that to display this figure in a variety of poses to increase the playability.
  • In addition, the costume of this action figure also faithfully recreates the look of Kobe in the final battle. The Lakers’ classic No. 24 uniform, sneakers and socks all have been recreated.
kobe bryant action figure

The pair of sneakers is Kobe 11, and its color is also very special. The black and gold color scheme is specially prepared for the final battle. You can see the delicate fabric details on the vamp.
In addition, the pair of socks is also special style, which is a retired special edition.

kobe bryant action figure

The exposed arms have good muscles and veins details. At the same time, the tattoo on the right arm is also recreated.

kobe bryant action figure

ENTERBAY provides two head sculpts this time. The first one is a portrayal with sweat stains and open mouth. The other head sculpt is not shown in the official picture, but ENTERBAY pointed out that it is a regular facial expression.
So the biggest highlight is this sweaty head sculpt, ENTERBAY uses its newly developed exclusive “NanoSweat” simulation sweat painting application, which features Kobe’s delicate and realistic sweating scene.
What’s interesting is that this head sculpt also highlights Kobe’s iconic mouth opening action and sharp eyes. It can be said it is authentic likeness.

kobe bryant action figure

The memorial jacket in the accessories is also a highlight of this new Kobe Bryant action figure. It is customized with real fabric materials. You can see the number 8 on the jacket’s right arm and the number 24 on the left arm.

kobe bryant action figure

Both sides of the jacket‘s arm are embroidered with the season LOGO of Kobe Bryant’s 5 NBA championships and the LOGO of his achievements in the Lakers, which is very commemorative.

kobe bryant action figure

On the back of the jacket is Kobe’s exclusive black mamba ouroboros totem and “BLACK MAMBA” letters.

kobe bryant action figure
  • ENTERBAY is very sincere this time, the accessories of Kobe Bryant action figure are quite rich.
    • In addition to the content described above, there are 10 pieces interchangeable hands in the accessories, including a pair with magnets inside. It can be paired with a 1/6 scale Spalding basketball with also magnet inside and poses for dribbling.
    • There are two purple bands, one is elbow band and the other is knee band.
    • It is also equipped with a pair of Kobe Bryant 8 sneakers and a pair of official NBA white socks.
    • There is also a set of white basketball training tank top and shorts worn on the action figure.
    • And the attached figurine stand is also very user-friendly, can be easily twisted and curled, and there is a classic LA Lakers Team LOGO printed on its wooden base.
    • Finally, as well as a wealth of trophy accessories are included.
  • I will focus on introducing the trophy accessories to review the achievements of Kobe Bryant’s brilliant NBA career.
kobe bryant action figure

It comes with 5 NBA championship trophies, 4 NBA All Star Game MVP trophies, 2 NBA FMVP trophies, 1 NBA Regular Season MVP trophy, 1 NBA Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame trophy, and 1 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion trophy!

kobe bryant action figure

A total of 14 trophies, commemorating all the honors Kobe Bryant has won in the NBA! Even just putting these trophies together for display is also very meaningful.

kobe bryant action figure

Kobe Bryant, our eternal black Mamba, although passed away, his story and spirit will always be in our hearts.

This Kobe Bryant action figure is limited edition, so hurry up and add this basketball legend to your collection today.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Kobe Bryant action figure
Product Size
Approximately 12 inches (30.48cm)
Made of plastic, fabric
Action Figure
Release Date
4th Quarter 2021

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