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Thanos is the ultimate Boss in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His image of eliminating half of the population in the universe with Infinity Stones and his gloved fingers has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of fans all over the world, making the character gather super hot popularity.

Now Queen Studios has launched a full-sized statue of Thanos based on the film “Avengers: Endgame“, and the pose and head sculpt are very distinctive. Let us take a look!

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Thanos debuted in The Invincible Iron Man #55 (February 1973). He is the Eternals who was born on Saturn’s moon Titan. He has great strength, endurance and resilience. His skin is almost indestructible. Before he was cursed by Mistress Death to be immortal, he could live without eating anything and drinking water. He can also absorb cosmic energy. Due to the relationship of the Infinity Gauntlet, he can gather waves of mana energy or release plasma energy or cosmic energy through his hands and eyes.

This time Queen Studios brought this Thanos statue in Regular Edition and Premium Edition for everyone to choose from.

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Regular Edition

Queen Studios Thanos staute

This statue of Queen Studios recreates the classic scene of Thanos about to fight with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in the film “Avengers: Endgame”.

Thanos was sitting on the iron pipe destroyed in the battlefield, with a double edge sword standing beside him, it was really domineering.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Thanos’ golden armor in the film has been faithfully recreated.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

This armor has a strong realistic surface painting.

The addition of lots of cutting marks and damaged weathering not only reflects the metallic texture of this armor, but also reflects the current situation of Thanos’ armor after the war.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Thanos’ exposed skin also has good details.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

The iconic purple skin has a delicate purple-color painting.

Corresponding muscle lines and blood vessels are also depicted on the arm.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Next, I will introduce this head sculpt. Thanos’ chin with huge vertical stripes is well depicted.

In addition, the serious expression of Thanos was well recreated, his eyes were very sharp and energetic, and the depiction was very real.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Enlarging the details of the head sculpt, the wrinkles on the forehead, the lines on the corners of the eyes and cheeks are all truly depicted.

The faint outline of the skull on the top of the head is also very realistic. In addition, the peculiar spots of purple skin have also been portrayed.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

The base of the Thanos statue uses a combination of iron pipes and crushed stones and steel bars, which is highly reproduced.

The rusty coating on the iron pipe also has a nice depiction.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

The double edge sword standing beside Thanos is also very powerful and domineering. The shape and the blade’s textures have good details.

(Regular Edition does not include the helmet)

Premium Edition

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Compared with Regular Edition, regarding the head sculpt, Premium Edition has an interchangeable head sculpt with a smile expression.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

This wry smiling head sculpt makes Thanos’s so evil character image fuller.

Both in terms of style design and details painting performance are very good.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

After replacing the head sculpt, looking at the overall image of Thanos from the front, the effect is still pretty good.

This smiling head sculpt shows the special charm of Thanos.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

In addition, Premium Edition also comes with a helmet. It can be rested on top of the double edge sword for display.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

As for whether this helmet can be worn on Thanos’ head or not, Queen Studios did not introduce it.

If it can be worn on the head, it will be even more interesting.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

Finally, this Thanos statue is 1/4 scale, and the total height is approx. 72cm. The size can be said to be quite huge.

No matter where it is displayed, it will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Queen Studios Thanos staute

It is worth noting that the premium version is sold in a completely limited edition, and the Chinese and overseas limited editions are 388 pcs respectively.

Because the premium version is limited, the relative collection value is also higher.

You guys who like Thanos, don’t miss this chance!

Made of polystone
Product Size
56cm (W), 72cm (H), 42cm (L)
Queen Studios
Release Date
4th Quarter 2021

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