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Digimon Adventure (2020 TV series) is airing on Fuji TV recently, it is a reboot of the original 1999 anime television series. Taking advantage of this wave of nostalgia, MegaHouse presents the DigiColle! collectible figures from the series are a special mix pack (blind-box). Let’s have look!

Digimon Adventure

This MegaHouse special mix pack is approx 55mm height, and includes 8 kinds of original and adorable Digimon figures, such as Agumon, Gabumon, Palmon, Tailmon, Gomamon, Patamon, Tentomon, and Piyomon.


Can you still call out their names separately? LOL

These are Agumon and Gabumon. Respectively represents Courage and Friendship.

Digimon Adventure figure

These are Zudomon and Piyomon which represent Honesty and Love.


They are Tentomon and Palmon which represent Knowledge and Innocence.

And these are Patamon and Tailmon which are my favorite in my childhood, representing Hope and Bright.

Digimon figures

MegaHouse’s blind-box series are ordinary workmanship and not exquisite, but the design is excellent. Moreover, there are many characters in a series, and the new figures are launched always combined with the current hottest anime, which is still very affordable for fans who like to collect small figures.

Digimon toys

The phone booth in the picture above is only used for scene matching and not included, but you can display them together with the Digimon G.E.M. series to really bring out the digital world.

Digimon figures

Collect all your favorite Digimon and battle it out with friends!

Where to buy: Solaris Japan DigiColle! collectible figures
Product Size
Approx 55mm
Release Date
October 2020

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