Limited Edition: The Avengers Hawkeye Statue- Battle of NY (The Infinity Saga)

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Almost everybody is a fan of The Avengers these days. From the renowned series of The Avengers, the character of Hawkeye has been replicated into a statue to light up your room like nothing else.
Iron Studios is proud to present the scale Statue of Hawkeye from the most famous series, The Avengers. The accurately sculpted scale statue is not only a replica of the special character, Hawkeye, but it also dominates the vicinity around itself with an intimidating image of the statue. The statue is made to recreate the times he used to stand fearlessly in front of his enemies as a front-line soldier. Let’s take a look!

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

The statue has been described with detailing to help you get a clear idea of how Hawkeye would be a part of your collection. Iron Studios has decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the battle in the movie “The Avengers” from 2012.

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

This Hawkeye statue is in the 1/10 scale that Iron Studios often uses. It is 9 inches tall, 5.1 inches wide, and 4.7 deep. Compared to the size of a human, the statue is small, for this scale, it is very suitable to display it anywhere.
And the statue belongs to the Battle Diorama Series of Iron Studios. And shows the iconic Battle of New York scene of Hawkeye from the 2012 Marvel film The Avengers (The Infinity Saga).

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

Look at the posture of the Hawkeye as he stands firmly and ready to take action against his enemies whenever necessary. With his crossbow perfectly fit in his hands, and the arrow equipped with it seems to be the perfect replica of when he used to fight.
One of his legs is tilted to the other side, while the other is to the other side to help support his attacks whenever he shoots an arrow. From his arms to his feet, every type of weapon that he sued to carry to protect himself is also seemingly sculpted over his body.

Hawkeye Battle of NY
Hawkeye in Battle of NY (Still)

Compared with the above still, the posture and dress of the overall statue are reproduced well.

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

The statue of Hawkeye’s arms with wrist bands seems to be made with extreme details. Even the warm ivory color of his skin is exhibited flawlessly showed.
His attire also seems to be made with extreme delicacy, and the details in consideration, like the linings on his boots and his attire and even the muscle built, are the same as the character in the movie.

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

Hawkeye’s hair also seemed to be sculpted exactly how Hawkeye got the haircut in the Avenger’s movie 2012. If you look closely, you can even see a bit of white hair on the side that he got because of his old age in the movie. And his facial features are also very precise.
The Hawkeye statue seems to present as a dominating and masterful archer, from his brown hair to his stern expression.

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

As you can see, the back of his body is also embellished with his sleek black attire and the bag that held his arrows.
The base also seems to be of rock from the fight he was indulged in the Avengers movie to portray the realistic image of the front-line warrior.

The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue

The series also has other Avengers superheroes, If you collect them all, you can recreate the scene where all the heroes protect New York together.

So the statue is a limited edition, be sure to make the right decision and impress your friends with Hawkeye’s collectible.

Where to buy: Toy Origin  The Infinity Saga Hawkeye statue
Made of polystone
Product Size
Approx. 9 x 5.1 x 4.7 inches (23cm x 13cm x 12cm)
1/10 scale
Marvel | The Avengers (The Infinity Saga)
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Release Date
4th Quarter 2022

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