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After Infinity Studio launched the 1/1 scale busts of the DC TOP Three Superheros-Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. They finally announced this life-size and lifelike Aquaman bust of the Justice League movie recently. Let’s have a look.

aquaman bust

This Aquaman bust uses a super-large 1/1 scale, reaches a height of 116 cm.
And what this statue recreated is the cool POSE of Aquaman wearing battle armor and holding a trident in the film “Justice League“.
The armor part is made of polystone, and the excellent painting makes the armor look like real metal material, and the surface details also are very rich.


And the trident held by Aquaman is also made of polystone, and its shape is exactly the same as in the movie. The silver-gray trident is really like real metal material.
At the same time, the surface of trident also has a painting of aging effect, makes this weapon more real.
With this trident, the Aquaman statue is indeed enriched, and it is more imposing overall.

aquaman statue

Besides, the design of the base is also interesting, looks like an Atlantis-style temple, with an iconic Aquaman emblem in the front and the JL logo backward.
The overall design is very consistent with the image of the character.

Justice League aquaman

It is worth mentioning that this Aquaman bust is the same as the previous busts of the same series.
The skin of Aquaman is made of medical platinum silicon, in order to withstand high temperature and aging. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep them in good condition for decades! The skin color and tattoos are also featured perfectly.

aquaman Justice League

At the same time, this Aquaman bust also uses the design of hair rooted.
It recreates the iconic hair color and beard of Aquaman well.
In addition, the details of the broken eyebrows are also recreated, and the overall effect is very realistic.
At first glance, I thought Jason Momoa himself was in front of you.

aquaman JL

According to the official introduction, more than 100,000 high-temperature fibers were planted throughout his body. It can be said that this number is really very large, which is shocking.

aquaman dc comics

The depiction of Aquaman’s face is really exquisite, you can find the pores are clearly visible, and even the forehead lines and some scars are truly recreated.
In addition, a pair of vivid prosthetic eyes was specially made for him.
There are also a few moles on the corners of the eyes, LOL.
I really look forward to the actual performance when the large quantities are released.

aquaman statue bust

This Aquaman bust will be extremely limited just like most Infinity Studio statues. This is one Aquaman bust that DC Comics fans and Justice League fans will definitely want in their collection.

Following is the official video of Aquaman bust for your reference.

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Where to buy: sideshow
Made of silicon and polystone
Product Size
45.67 inches (116cm)
Infinity Studios
Release Date
Q4 2021

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