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The “Joker” Arthur Fleck portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix has made all fans remember this alternative character portrayal. The film has won numerous awards worldwide, especially the honor of the first R-rated film with a box office of more than 1 billion US dollars in history also proves its success. Recently, the cutting-edge statue brand JND Studios officially presents a 1/3 scale statue of Arthur Fleck, and the head sculpt is really excellent. Let’s have a look!

Arthur Fleck statue

This Arthur Fleck statue was created by Kojun, one of the founders of JND Studios as well as one of the best artists on the globe.
The statue is 1/3 scale and its height is approx. 65 cm.

JND Studios Arthur Fleck statue

This statue is designed with the movie image of Arthur Fleck in the fragile and depressive period. It shows the standing posture of Arthur holding a shopping bag. This is also a good recreation of the classic scene in the movie. If you don’t look carefully, you may even think it is a movie still.

Joker Arthur Fleck statue

The costume is tailored and fitted by professionals, recreates the fit and the texture exactly as displayed in the movie.

Joker Arthur Fleck

In addition, JND Studios also introduced that the buttons and zipper were manufactured separately to get the scale just right and to keep it hyperreal. 

Joker Arthur Fleck statue 1

The costumes are really well recreated. Although it is a statue, it looks like the costumes are worn on real people, which are very natural.


The head sculpt is really the biggest selling point of this Arthur Fleck statue.
This head sculpt uses the design of hair rooted.
And the texture is pretty good.


Compared with the movie still of “Joker”, this head sculpt really recreates the image in the movie.
In addition to a good recreation of the iconic hairstyle of the Joker Arthur Fleck, the actor Joaquin Phoenix’s facial features are also very accurately depicted.

Jacques Phoenix

Besides, this Arthur Fleck statue also uses silicone, glass eye to create life as closely as possible. Facial fine lines, pores and pale eyes, closed lips and other details are vivid, exuding the emotions in the movie.

Jacques Phoenix Joker

When I first saw the official picture, I even thought it was Joaquin Phoenix himself.
So I hope this statue can still maintain the high level of the official picture when the large quantities are released.

Joker Arthur Fleck 1/3 Scale Statue

In addition to the shopping bag, this statue also comes with other interesting small accessories.
Revolvers, bullets, paper bags, and small condition card explaining his mental illness are all included.

And these are all important props in the movie “Joker”.

Condition card

What’s interesting is that the card can also be inserted into the pocket.

Joker Gun

At the same time, both revolvers and bullets can be packed into the paper bag.
The attachment of these small accessories also adds some highlights to this statue.

Joker Arthur Fleck statue

Besides, the base is designed out of the concept of optimization for display. With a simple yet luxurious look, the base adds to the overall classy feel of the entire work.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

The “Joker” Arthur Fleck portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix has subverted our understanding of the DC hero series. This statue is indeed a masterpiece, and the number is limited. So you guys who like Arthur Fleck, please don’t miss this high-quality statue!

▼JND Studios Presents “ARTHUR FLECK”

Made of silicone, plastic, glass and fabric
Product Size
26 inches (66.04cm)
JND Studios
Release Date
Q2 2021

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