Jataka of The Deer King Figure- Buddha’s Former Reincarnation

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Jataka was the tale of the Buddhist’s previous lives when they used to be called a Bodhisattva. The Jataka of The Deer King from the Northern Wei Dynasty was mostly found in the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang.
If you’re also eager to know more about the one and only Jataka of The Deer King, the golden deer, you’ve arrived at the right place. Myethos is proud to present the replication captured into a 1/7 scale figure to give you a realistic image of the Jataka.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

This Jataka of the Deer King is adopted in a 1/7 scale, and its height is 20.5cm, which means approx. 8 inches.

It is designed based on the “Jataka of the Deer King” cave drawing, and the golden Deer King, “the Nine-Colored Deer” has been anthropomorphized by illustrator rei.
The non-articulated figure sculpted Jataka sitting on her throne as elegantly and sophistically as possible. The posture is enough to portray the amount of power she holds and how elegant her personality is. With her face and ever so slim body, she seems to be sitting with confidence on the throne that only she owns.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

It is undoubtedly the exact replica of Jataka, the Deer King. With many ornaments equipped either on her side or on her are seen to be made under keen observation and details, like the art over her attire, her makeup, and many more.

The antlers on her head can also be seen to be standing straight and in great shape. They act more like her crown than the ordinary antlers over her head. Take a good look at the statue from another angle, and you’ll be able to see that Jataka of the Deer King is made into an elegant posture as she paints on a crow. She even wears simpler slippers rather than heels that might ache her foot.

Jataka of the Deer King figure
Jataka of the Deer King figure
Jataka of the Deer King figure

The paints on the small leaf-shaped plated beside her help her with the art that she seems to be putting on the crow on her other hand. She holds the paintbrush in one hand and the crow is sitting in her other hand. If you look closely, you’ll also be able to see smallest of the details on the bird are executed properly.
The sleeves of her dress also seem to be made with the littlest of the details settled adequately over her attire. Through the sleeves, her hands can also be seen through the sleeves with her long slim fingers.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

Look closely at her head; she has white hair tied elegantly into a bun with a bit of the front hair out for the beautiful hairstyle she always has. And you will be able to catch a glimpse of her antlers holding back the ribbons equipped to her hair.
Her purplish eyes are also made in a way that if you look at them, they’d almost leave you enchanted for a long time. There is also a golden-colored choker type of necklace attached to her necklace’s right place to show off her slim neck.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

Other than, in between her antlers, there is also a piece of an ornament sitting peacefully and right above her forehead. The ornament includes a small stylish hair comb pin attached along with black and white beads to portray the perfection of her personality.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

Look from the back, the details of the back of the entire figure are also very delicate. You can see the hair bun from the back that she always had. The ribbons hanging on the antlers are also attracted more attention.
At the same time, the content of the entire shawl is also very rich.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

Her shawl is designed with the drawing of many of the horse carriages showing the elegancy and the luxury the royalties are supposed to have.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

The base is also visible from the back, so you can see both the body and the throne Jataka sits on from behind. The throne has a lot of classical Chinese elements, including rockery and Ganoderma lucidum.

Jataka of the Deer King figure
Jataka of the Deer King figure

Take a good look at her legs which have the skin color black and the golden slippers that she wears are very beautiful. The golden stripe over her thighs also copies the exact form of the Jataka to be more realistic.

Jataka of the Deer King figure

Jatak isn’t someone anyone would not love, which sounds like enough reason to come up with one of the wisest ideas of making a scale figure out of it. You can even try reading the entire tale of the golden deer to familiarize yourself with such an elegant scale figure.
Get your hands on it as soon as possible to bring out your brightest mood for the day.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Jataka of the Deer King figure  
Product Size
Approx. 8 inches (20.5cm)
Made of plastic
Release Date
Jan. 2023

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