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Tinkerbell from Neverland is a cute and inspirational little fairy. We all know the story of Peter Pan and her. In the past half-century, Tinkerbell‘s story has been made into many animated films, and even became one of Disney‘s most important brand logos, and is often referred to as the “symbol of Disney’s magic“.

Now Sideshow and fan-favorite artist J. Scott Campbell present the next whimsical piece in J. Scott Campbell’s Fairytale Fantasies Collection, the Tinkerbell Statue. Let’s have a look!


The first time I saw this picture, just “Wow” from my mouth. Tinkerbell is designed to wear a classic green leaf dress, spreading her wings, one hand supporting her buttock, and bare feet on tiptoe. There is a touch of sexy in the pure beauty.


Before, Tinkerbell was a very childlike cartoon character in animation. After retaining the basic settings in the original animation, J. Scott Campbell exerted his genius artistic imagination, boldly innovated, and designed Tinkerbell into a 3D character that is infinitely close to the real person.

tinkerbell statue

This Tinkerbell statue reaches approx. 35cm tall. Compare to the apple besides, we can imagine clearly how big it is. With such a size, there will be many suitable places for display.

tinkerbell green dress

Tinkerbell‘s costume is a green leaf dress unique to the fairy.
The surface of the dress has very good details, the veins of the leaves are well sculpted, and there are also partial gradient paintings from yellow to green.
It gives you the illusion that this dress is splicing of green leaves. It is very close to nature.

tinkerbell leaf dress
tinkerbell dress

The dress’ back is a backless design and covers the buttocks appropriately. It is very beautiful and does not cover the wings. The side part of the dress is a hollow mesh design, which shows her slender waist.

tinkerbell collectible
tinkerbell body

Since there are not many places covered by the dress, the depiction of the upper body, bare arms, and legs is particularly important.
We can see Tinkerbell‘s upper body is very well-proportioned, and her beautiful breast shape and delicate collarbone will make your heart beat faster. The slightly forward-leaning right shoulder and the pose of one hand supporting her buttock is also very beautiful.
In addition, the slender and well-proportioned legs are very natural, and the bare feet on tiptoe make you feel very pretty and cute.
Finally, the overall skin color is painted naturally and not obtrusive, and makes you feel very healthy.

tinkerbell whole statue

Do you see it? Tinkerbell also has green accessories, including her necklace, armband, leg cuff, and the vines at her thigh.
The embellishment of these green accessories makes up for the abrupt feeling caused by too few clothes and greatly enriches the display of the statue.

tinkerbell head sculpt

The head sculpt of Tinkerbell is also good, especially the facial details and makeup look pretty delicate.

tinkerbell wings
tinkerbell wing

Except for the main part, a highlight of this Tinkerbell statue is her wings.
Look at this picture, The polyresin pixie has detailed, translucent wings and an 11” wingspan.
There are also unique spiral patterns on the golden wings, which make the wings look very noble overall.

tinkerbell statue base

The base of this Tinkerbell statue is also a big selling point.
Two complete crocodiles are carved into the golden base, and the mouths of the twin crocodiles also are biting a dial together.

tinkerbell base

Viewed from the top down, the surface of the base is designed as a very detailed dial surface, making the whole base feel like an exquisite pocket watch. Greatly enhance the display of this base.

tinkerbell Exclusive edition

By the way, this Tinkerbell statue also has an Exclusive Version.

The Exclusive Version of the Tinkerbell Statue includes a metal art print and matching stand featuring Campbell’s concept designs for the character- perfect for displaying alongside the statue.

Tinkerbell box

This Tinkerbell Statue is a limited edition, there are not many, so if you are interested in it, please get it to your collection quickly.

At last, there is also a review of the Cinderella statue, you can check it out through the link here: Cinderella statue

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