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I believe you have seen too many collectible statues of Batman. Would you like to change your taste? Now Iron Studios presents a comic-style statue of Mr. Freeze from Arkham City. If you want to collect the villains of the Batman series, don’t miss it!

Mr. Freeze Statue

As shown above, the Mr. Freeze statue is 1/10 scale, the total height is approx. 16cm, and the weight is approx. 360g.

Mr. Freeze

This statue recreates the classic look of Mr. Freeze in the comics. Wearing his iconic cryogenic suit, holding a freeze gun, and there is also a beautiful transparent ice cone special effect on the base.

Mr. Freeze statue
Mr. Freeze colectibles

This freeze gun is indeed a highlight of the statue. The surface you can see has good details. And even the muzzle of this freeze gun has the transparent frozen gas special effect which has just been launched.

And this transparent frozen gas special effect part also can be removed from the muzzle.

Mr. Freeze

The surface of the gas tank on the back has a worn-out effect of being scratched by a little metal, and is also painted to recreate some frosty effects. Besides, there is a sculpture of the instrument panel on the top.

Mr. Freeze statue

The most highlighted part of this 1/10 statue, I think is the base with ice cone special effects on it!  The design is very natural and vivid, and the transparency is also very good.

Mr. Freeze

Some gradual painting effects are also used on the ice cone, which is closer to reality. Because of this wonderful ice cone special effect, the overall visual effect is much richer!

Mr. Freeze 1/10 Scale statue

DC Comics fans, don’t miss your chance to add Mr. Freeze to your collection!

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Product Size
Height: 6.2″ (157.48 mm) | Width: 3.9″ (99.06 mm) | Depth: 5.1″ (129.54 mm) | Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.32 kg)
DC Comics
Iron Studios
Release Date
Jan 2021 – Mar 2021

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