Incredible realistic-1/1 scale Superman life size bust

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Last time, I have reviewed the Wonder Woman bust. Now comes the incredible realistic-1/1 scale Superman life size bust which is released by InfinityStudio. Let’s have a look!

Superman bust

Superman, the first ever super hero in the world. The bust was authorized by Warner Bros. 1/1 scale, 88cm in height. I have to say it is amazing when I saw it at first time. It seems like the real Henry Cavill standing in front of you .

superman life siza bust

The pose is very interesting that recreated the image of Superman pulling the clother aside by his both hands, and reveals the Superman uniform underneath.

1/1 scale superman bust

The head sculpt and skin are all made by platinum silicone, skin texture is clearly visible, and can be preserved for long.

superman bust

Look at that, how real those skin, hair and moustache are. The InfinityStudio adopted hair transplant technic to represent hairs, moustache and fine hairs.

superman bust

Besides, to vivify his mysterious blue eyes, the InfinityStudio customized a pair of blue ocular prosthesis for him specially, aimed at revive the scene that he changes from reporter to Superman.

superman uniform

The details of superman uniform are spot on! Look at the pattern and the big Superman logo which is mixed real red and yellow color. I really want to take it off, wear it on my body, to realize my superman dream.

The base also has the big Superman logo on it, reveals the rich metallic texture. It is also attractive.

superman bust logo

Besides, there is a “Justice League” Logo on the base’s back, also improves the visual effect of the whole bust.

It will be produced in a limited quantity, so if you interested in it, please don’t miss it.

Where to buy: Sideshow Superman Bust
POLYSTONE & medical grade silicone
Product Size
H(88cm)x W(80cm)x L(47cm)
1/1 scale

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