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Hot Toys also unveils the Cable action figure from the fan-favorite movie “Deadpool 2“, and the performance of this action figure is quite impressive, not only the character is highly recreated, but also the accessories are highlights. Let’s have a look!

Normal version


“Your time’s up…” – Cable

This Cable action figure is crafted on a 1/6 scale, and the height is approx 300 mm. Overall it is recreated very well.


Cable’s iconic costume has also been faithfully recreated.
The costume is a skillfully tailored military outfit with a heavy weathering effect. Tactical vests, T-shirts, trousers, and boots all have nice details.


Cable’s dark green-colored poncho can be removed, so another Cable‘s image in the movie can be recreated.
We also can see that three grenades bullets are also stored on the black-colored tactical vest.


The details of Cable‘s upper body are designed very well.
The texture of the real skin and the lines of the muscles are well recreated.
On the mechanized side of the body and bionic arm, there are so many highly-accurate details, and also are carefully painted in multiple shades of metallic colors.


Besides, the scar at the junction of the mechanical part and the skin is also quite realistic
This part is really creepy.
To be honest, this kind of body shape really cannot be a seamless body with rubber-coated
But why is the right arm not seamless?


The head sculpt is also one of the highlights of this action figure.
Cable‘s iconic hairstyle is the same as the movie’s, it’s really accurate silver-grey colored hair sculpture.
In addition, the right side of the face also recreates the knife scar in the movie.


Also, there is a LED light-up function on his left eye (battery operated).


About the accessories, except for the 8 pieces of interchangeable hands and the base, also attached various weapons, such as one heavy machine gun, one grenade launcher, one pistol, one dagger, one bomb.


This heavy machine gun with a realistic sighting device is so cool.


And this weapon also has a built-in magnet, it can be attached to the back by magnet adsorption.


In addition, the dirty teddy bear doll with burn marks, a very important prop in the movie, of course, is also attached.
Meanwhile, it also can be attached to the utility belt.


It also comes with a small accessory like a time-traveling device, which improves playability.

Special Edition

Moreover, this Special Edition available in selected markets will include a Psionic Shield as a bonus item exclusively for collectors.


Compared to the normal version, I will definitely choose to buy this special edition, LOL.

Where to buy: sideshow
Product Size
Approx 30 cm
Hot Toys
Action Figure
Release Date
Approximately Q1 – Q2, 2022

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