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MegaHouse’s Naruto Gal figure series recently launched a DX version of the Hinata Hyuga Figure. This time, it is designed based on the image of Hinata Hyuga in “Naruto: Shippuden series” when using the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. The entire special effects depicted are more domineering than it in the animation. Let’s take a look!

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

This time, the Hinata Hyuga figure is already the third version released by MegaHouse, and MegaHouse also calls it the DX version. Hinata Hyuga’s image of firmness and courage when using the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists is also different from the previous two gentle and lovely images, which gives audiences a new visual experience and is very attractive.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

Its specification is also the largest in the Hinata Hyuga figure series. The previous one was 20cm tall, but this time the new Hinata Hyuga figure’s height including the base has reached 35cm. Therefore, the display has been greatly improved.

Hinata protecting Naruto
Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists

In the Naruto: Shippuden series, when Naruto Uzumaki got into trouble during a duel with the Deva Path, Hinata Hyuga stood out to protect Naruto Uzumaki, and after bravely confessing her love to Naruto, she attacked the Deva Path with the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. The scene is still fresh in my memory.

The highlight plot of Hinata’s scene not only evokes the power of Kurama (Nine-Tails) in Naruto’s body, but also formally expresses love to Naruto. Since then, Naruto has also taken Hinata’s love seriously, and gradually fell in love with her.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

Regarding this Hinata Hyuga figure, a large number of blue chakra are gathered in both hands and form two large guardian lion-shaped shrouds. The whirlwind waves rolled up on the base and the upward tail flames of the chakra are intertwined. The overall shape is very cool.


MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

MegaHouse did a secondary design for the special effects of Hinata Hyuga‘s Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. Compared with the slightly crude battle scenes in the animation, the special effects of this figure are portrayed more vividly.

MegaHouse uses a transparent material and a gradual painting method for these special effect parts. The lion heads are opaque and the colors are irregular blue, while the tail flame of the chakra gradually becomes transparent.

This technique can create a good visual effect with different concentrations of chakra in different positions, the chakra gathered in Hinata’s hands are definitely the most, and the tail flames are the least.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

The head sculpt of this Hinata Hyuga figure is also a highlight. Her hair has a good gradient painting and her expression is also very exciting. Hinata changed her gentle and lovely feeling of a little girl, and her explosive byakugan ( white eye) are full of murderous look.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

Hinata Hyuga’s costume has reproduced the settings of the animation as always, which included a lavender and cream hooded jacket, navy blue pants and low-heeled sandals, and a forehead protector worn on her neck.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

The base is made up of three parts, including gravel, rising smoke and whirlwind special effects, coupled with the chakra’s special effect of the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, it creates a very rich and layered visual effect.

MegaHouse Hinata Hyuga figure

All in all, this Hinata Hyuga figure is very good in all aspects. Don’t miss it if you like Hinata Hyuga.

Where to buy:  Solaris japan
Hinata Hyuga figure
Product Size
Approximately 13.65 inches (35cm)
Non-articulated figure
Release Date
March 2021

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