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Another interesting Wonder Woman collectibles has appeared in the market, fans should not miss it! This time, there is a Golden Eagle armor helmet Prop Replica of the “Wonder Woman 1984” version launched by Factory Entertainment. The whole replica helmet is made of all-metal material, which is really amazing, Let’s take a look!

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

This helmet of Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Armor uses a 1/1 scale, but there is no exact data introduction for the specific size.

According to the official introduction, it is directly copied from the original props, which means that the size of this helmet is tailor-made for Gal Gadot.

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

I’m actually very interested if everyone is as curious as I am about how big a helmet Gal Gadot wears? Are there fans who want to try wearing it?

However, it is worth noting that according to the official introduction, this product is for display only and cannot be worn under any circumstance. It may be considered that it is made of metal and everyone’s head size is different, wearing the helmet may hurt the head.

This is really a pity. If Factory Entertainment can take safety and comfort into consideration and design it into a wearable form, this helmet will be more popular.

Wonder Woman 1984
The stills of “Wonder Woman 1984”

Compared with the movie stills, it is not difficult to find that the surface color of this 1/1 scale helmet is different from the prop in the movie.

The golden gloss is not as high as the original prop, so the overall visual effect may be slightly lacking.

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

The biggest highlight of this helmet is the use of all metal materials, so I believe that this helmet must be quite weighty in the hand.

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

The appearance of the whole helmet resembles an eagle head, and the top curve is very beautiful, especially the arc design of the eagle beak is in place.

The metal sheets on both sides of the helmet are like eagle feathers that are very beautiful.

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

At the same time, Factory Entertainment also provides a special metal stand, which can allow you to proudly display this reproduction of a piece of the Amazonian Princess’ iconic helmet.

However, It feels that the design of this metal stand is a bit too simple, if it can add Wonder Woman LOGO on the front of this stand, I think the display effect will be much better.

Factory Entertainment Golden Eagle armor helmet

This replica helmet is expected to be officially shipped in the summer of 2021.

Fans who like the Golden Eagle Armor and have strong financial strength can pay attention to it.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth 
Golden Eagle Armor Helmet Prop Replica 
Product Size 
1/1 Scale 
DC Comics 
Factory Entertainment 
Release Date 
Summer, 2021

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