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5PRO studio × Blitzway are getting more and more nostalgic as they have presented many Legend anime figures, statues, collectibles before. Today, another series of “Dragon Ball” is on sale: BULMA’s HoiPoi Capsule No.9 Bike statue. Let’s have a look!


If you are familiar with the story of Dragon Ball, you may know that at the beginning chapter of our Dragon Ball journey, is Bulma took little Goku on a trip to find Dragon Ball. At that time, it was this Capsule bike that the two people were riding on.

BULMA’s HoiPoi Capsule No.9 Bike

Little Goku, who was living in the mountains, has never seen any modern transportation, and was taken aback when he got on Bulma’s bike for the first time! And this is also the first motorcycle-shaped vehicle to be appeared in “Dragon Ball”, which is very memorable.


The expression of Goku in this statute perfectly reproduces the comics’ s, and the posture of sitting on the back seat of the bike and clutching Bulma’s waist is also very vivid.


The hairstyle blown back by the wind shows that Bulma’s speed is definitely not slow at this time, and it scared Goku into such an expression.


Compared to Goku’s panic, Bulma has a facial expression, who seems relaxed while remaining in control of this bike. The comparison between them is very interesting.


The shape of this bike is recreated well, it should be very good if you can buy one in reality.


Another highlight of this statue is the base of the Dragon radar shaped. This design also reveals that Goku and Bulma first embarked on a journey to go to find the Dragon Ball.


This base is also designed with a tilt angle to highlight the sense of speed when Bulma driving this Capsule No.9 bike.


Another amazing thing is that some LEDs are added to the lamps of the bike and the Dragon ballpoints of Dragon radar. When the lights are turned on, there is really a kind of excitement that the two of them set out to find Dragon Ball together!


This Hoi Poi Capsule No. 9 bike statue is 1/6 scale, the size is shown as above picture.

Hoi Poi Capsule No. 9 bike

Finally, after you have accepted and recognized that is a statue, there is a surprise coming, in fact, it is also a pen holder, haha.

Polystone, PVC, ABS
Product Size
Approximately 13 inches tall [H:33cm W:37cm D:37cm]
Dragon ball
5PRO studio × Blitzway
Release Date
4Q, 2020

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