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Kotobukiya recently presents a small robot TAMOTU1/12 scale model kit that can be expanded infinitely. The appearance design is full of technological sense,13 points for 3mm connection joints are set throughout this model, can be freely customized with parts from the existing Kotobukiya model series by using the optional 3mm connection joints with the points. Let’s have a look!

 Tamotu model kit

This robot is divided into black and white versions, comes from the “MARUTTOYS” robot series. The original  “MARUTTOYS” robot series are created by up-and-coming modeling artist: MiZ (Noritaka Mizuno). As a collaboration item between Kotobukiya and Maruttoys, the maintenance robot “TAMOTU” has been made into a plastic model!

TAMOTU robot

The sleek figure of the TAMOTU plastic model is both full of technological sense and friendly, reminiscent of Tachikoma in “Ghost in the Shell”  and Baymax in “Big Hero 6”.

TAMOTU plastic model

We can see there are really so many points for 3mm connection joints are set on the model,  and  4 wheels at the foot that can run very fast.


The LED Lights are designed very detailed, including cover, LED Ring and Sensor.

plastic robot model

TAMOTU can transform from “Normal Mode” to “Work Mode”, you can see that the limbs and hanging arm on the back can be spread out.

plastic model kit
TAMOTU model kit

The limbs are very flexible, you can lift its feet up or lie on the ground, there are a variety of vivid and lovely actions you can pose.

  • The head of TAMOTU is also movable, can be rotated 360 degrees or lifted up.
  • The hanging arm on TAMOTU’s back is also very interesting, which can be folded and extended!  And there is a hidden manipulator at the end, which can be used in handling or lifting operations.
 customized robot

Besides, this TAMOTU model is built with a complete inner frame to which all outer parts can be removed. It’s really amazing on this design, avoiding the outer armor’s interference when you assemble the parts of other series, increases the infinite possibilities.


When you remove the robotic arm, the points for 3mm connection joints are all revealed. Includes on both sides of the body, four limbs, head, back, behind, chassis, and front end of the robotic arm, which can be installed with a variety of funny parts.


Look at this picture,  you can add multiple missiles on both sides of TAMOTU’s body, replace the robotic arm with a heavy machine gun.

TAMOTU Model kit

You can add a power percussion drill on the TAMOTU’s back to pose an attack action.

Tamotu model

A variety of weapons can be installed on TAMOTU’s body to display many battle scenes. You can completely transform this cute robot into a terrifying killer.


Also, you can transform TAMOTU into a construction vehicle.

Black Version


There is also a black version that can be chosen. Except for the color, the other structures are the same as the white version.

plastic TAMOTU Model kit
TAMOTU plastic Model

 It also can be used as a mount for “Frame Arms Girl“, which is another plastic model series of KOTOBUKIYA.

In fact, these above assemblies are still normal, please see the following more wild assemblies by the KOTOBUKIYA’s unlimited imagination.


It is unbelievable that TAMOTU transformed into a ferocious wolf. LOL.

plastic robot

Meanwhile, it can be combined transform into a giant robot.

As long as you have many different Kotobukiya plastic model kits, you can assemble them into various funny scenes, the playability is really very high.

Where to buy: Solaris Japan TAMOTU1/12 scale model kit
Product Size
1/12 scale, approx 80mm
Plastic model
Release Date
Dec, 2020

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