Fantastic Illusion: The Ghost Bride Figure- Fuzichoko Artworks: Saigenkyo

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Experience one of the most elegant and astonishing figures with nothing but the charm of such a beautiful surrounding that ought to leave anyone enchanted. The scale figure is nothing more than a simple illustration of “The Ghost Bride” by the talented illustrator Fuzichoco simply to represent the uniqueness of such a diorama.
The Ghost Bride, sculpted into an ever enchanting figure of 3D form by Good Smile Company (GSC), is sure to leave you in awe once you make it either a showcase or a part of your collection. The minimalistic yet beautiful recreation of such a character surely deserves to be recognized worldwide.
Continue reading to find more details about this awe-inspiring figure.

The Ghost Bride figure

The Ghost Bride figure is a non-scale and non-articulated figure. And its total height is 37 cm, approx. 14.6 inches.
In addition, it is designed based on Fuzichoco’s illustration “The Ghost Bride” used as the main visual for her 2020 Saigenkyo exhibition. And it is a part of the Illustration Revelation figure series.

The Ghost Bride figure

Wearing her Kimono, the Ghost Bride sits in an elegant posture as her dress and the tree chair she sits on can be seen entirely on display. Draped around the tree, the chair is specifically designed for ‘The Ghost Bride’ to sit on. The beautifully bloomed flowers surrounding her are the perfect replication of how the ancient brides used to look, along with her umbrella and the lanterns hanging around her.

The 14.6 inches tall scale figure consists of The Ghost Bride covered in her royal fabrics along with the tree as a part of her pedestal that has bloomed aesthetic flowers surrounding the vicinity. Even some branches of the trees are holding long parts of fabrics for the woman to utilize anyhow and anywhere she wants.

The Ghost Bride figure

You can see that the red umbrella gives ‘The Ghost Bride’ a shelter for her to cover herself. The tree branches also surround her vicinity as the lanterns hanging over them with the ribbons and the pieces of the clothes. The kimono also seems to be designed in one of the most luxurious ones; the ones only royal families were supposed to have or more like, only the royal families could afford as she is ‘The Ghost Bride’, someone who is not a commoner.

The Ghost Bride figure

You can also focus more on the surroundings of The Ghost Bride figure as the lanterns have colorful ribbons hanging from them. If you focus more on her Kimono dress, you can see the details over her dress as the red lines and the most miniature designs over her sleeves and the dress are also painted in an exemplary way.

The Ghost Bride figure

Even her umbrella is also replicated in such a realistic way with the black-colored rod and the red-colored cover of the umbrella. The translucent cap over her head also consists of a few details of flowers and destructured lines. The close-up look of flowers can portray the beauty and the adorable look of the scale figure.

Her long open sleeves are also a part of her Kimono dress that seems to be sculpted with the most miniature details and the flow of the fabric of her luxurious dress.

The Ghost Bride figure

The translucent cap over her head is also swappable, which entirely depends on whether you would like to keep it over her head or remove it from her head. Her light-shaded purple-colored hair is also a magnificent replication of the most exquisite silky hair.

Her orange eyes, along with her small and tiny nose and lips, also seem to be sculpted to portray the beautiful standard of ‘The Ghost Bride’. The golden linings over the sleeves of her Kimono are also a perfect recreation of how luxurious the Kimono dresses are.

The Ghost Bride figure

From its back, see how beautifully tanmono fabric draping from the tree branches. The red rails behind the chair that she sits on can also be seen sculpted in an enchanting way. The flowers and the ribbons that could be seen from the front can also be seen entirely on display from the back as parts of her dress peeked through the tiny spaces of the wooden chair.

The Ghost Bride figure

The figure of ‘The Ghost Bride’ is no doubt the most beautiful and alluring statement piece ever sculpted with the tiniest yet on-point details of the diorama.

If you a fan of fuzichoco, and like her Art Book Saigenkyo very much, then you can consider buying it for your collection.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth The Ghost Bride figure
Product Size
Approximately 14.6 inches (37cm)
Made of plastic
Fuzichoco | Inspired by the main visual for her 2020 exhibition “Saigenkyo”
Good Smile Company (GSC) | Illustration Revelation figure series
Non-articulated Figure
Release Date
Feb. 2024

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