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Sideshow and PCS Collectibles have released the Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue, based on the wildly popular playable character from the hit game Marvel Contest of Champions. Really domineering shape and big size of it.

Venompool Statue1

A monstrous mix between the Venom symbiote and Deadpool himself, so the shape will have two characteristics at the same time.

Venompool statue2

The Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue measures a massive 40” tall and 30” wide on top of the ruins of a Sentinel’s head. Compare to Sideshow Deadpool 6 scale figure, it is really big enough.

Venompool staute3

Inspired by the in-game Savage Land stage, the former mutant-killing machine is overgrown with moss and mud as Venompool lunges into battle.
With an inspirational design and tensional POSE, it is so domineering.

venompool statue4

It reveals well of Venompool‘s muscle shape, we can the muscle lines are very clear. At the same time, the details of the veins stand out also increase the three-dimensional sense of performance.

venompool statue5

A highlight of the head sculpt is Venompool showing his expression of gnashing. It is described as vivid and powerful.

venompool staute6

Well delicately treated of teeth, successfully let me feel icky by the dirty yellow teeth. I really want to pull out all his teeth, LOL.

venompool statue7

The Venompool statue includes two swap-out portraits, one is a closed-mouth grin which shows above, and another is an open-mouth snarl revealing his long tongue.

venompool statue 8

The tongue is painted very well, reveals the slimy texture, increases the sense of realism.

venompool staute10

Venompool‘s black and red costume blends the best elements of both twisted antiheroes. The belt and tactical pouches also make you feel real and textured.

venompool statue 10

Besides, the details of the hoop chain also are good, including iron rust and cutting marks.

venompool staute 11

Black nails with a little luster, reveal its sharpness and evil.

venompool statue 12

There is a pair of wrapped katanas on his back, which belonged to Deadpool before.

venompool statue 13

The base is designed as the ruins of a Sentinel’s head. It is treated with battle damage.

venompool statue 15

It also adds the element of moss, increasing it much more real.

venompool statue 16

If you are a Marvel fan and really like this character, please don’t miss it.

Where to buy: sideshow
Product Size
Height: 40″ (1016 mm) | Width: 30″ (762 mm) | Depth: 28.5″ (723.9 mm)
PCS Collectibles
Release date
Feb 2021 – Mar 2021

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