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To celebrate 80 years of the world’s greatest detective-Batman, XM Studios especially present their next DC Comics Premium Collectible statue: Batman 1972! The shape of this collectible statue is very eye-catching, let’s take a look!

batman 1972 statue

This collectible statue adopts the posture of Batman standing on the eaves of a tall building, bending over and preparing to jump.
It reflects that Batman has found the target and is ready to jump down and fight crime.

batman statue

First of all, let you guys know a bit about this Batman 1972 statue‘s dimensions, materials and craft.
This collectible statue is 1/6 scale, and the overall height is approx. 31cm.
And it is made of cold-cast porcelain, which can ensure it remains unchanged for countless years.
The most important thing is that every XM statue like this Batman 1972 statue is painstakingly handcrafted and individually hand-painted.

cover of Batman Vol. 1 #241

XM Studios can always make their collectible statues recreate the charm of the characters in the comics, while also making them more lifelike. And the design of this Batman 1972 statue was inspired by the cover art for Batman Vol. 1 #241 published in 1972.

batman 1972

The DC Batman comics version in 1972 is relatively old, and the characters in the comics also were wearing in retro style.
Therefore, in the design of the costume part, this statue still complies with the original setting.
It can be said that XM did spend a lot of attention on the modeling design this time.
At the same time, the use of this bend-down posture also enriches the overall dynamic performance.

batman 1972

The shape of the battle suit is also very well depicted. The overall light-gray battle suit highlights Batman’s superb physique. With an orange belt and dark blue briefs, it is really eye-catching.
In addition, the cloak and mask part use rich texture details and painting to simulate the texture of real materials.

batman cloak

The cloak has rich details of folds, and the side reflects the performance of the cloak when Batman clenches his fists and raises his arms. Not surprisingly, the details depicted by XM are indeed in place.


Appreciate this Batman 1972 statue from the back. The design of the cloak really conforms to the comic’s setting. It is very light, and the elements of the bat’s sharp corners are integrated into it.
In addition, the exposed left foot is also very appropriate to reflect Batman’s forward jumping posture.

batman logo

You can see the yellow coloring around the black bat symbol, which is a faithful recreation of Batman’s classic LOGO.
In addition, the depiction of Batman’s right leg is very prominent, and the image of his tight muscles shows the performance when Batman drives his leg hard.


This base shows the eaves of a building in Gotham City.
The depiction of the eaves content is quite rich, and there are also some details of the cracks and the painting of aging effect, which make the real texture of this base more intense.
This base really improves the display of this whole Batman 1972 statue.

batman 1972 statue

All in all, the performance of this Batman 1972 statue is still good, especially the sculpt design also refers to the classic comic cover.
So if you are a loyal DC Batman comic fan, then I believe you will be very interested in this statue.

Made of cold-cast porcelain
Product Size
12.20 inches (31cm)
DC Comics
XM Studios
Release Date
2nd Quarter 2021

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