Captain Sitting POSE-Surgeon of Death-Trafalgar Law Figure

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The One Piece Portrait of Pirates Warriors Alliance series continues with the addition of the captain of the Heart PiratesTrafalgar Law, based on his appearance during the Wano Country Arc!

Trafalgar Law figure

He has been sculpted sitting with his cursed sword “Kikoku” by his side; a confident grin on his face that captures his “Surgeon of Death” title perfectly.

Trafalgar Law figure

Look at this figure from this angle, it feels like Trafalgar Law is looking at you. Except for the confident grin, a murderous look passed through his exposed eye.

Trafalgar Law figure

Attached with an interchangeable hand part for an alternate posing option! “Come here, let’s have a talk.” LOL

Trafalgar Law figure

The ornate cloak increases Trafalgar Law‘s momentum, and makes him stand out from the crowd.


Look at the cloak’s details, it is very well painted, the cherry blossom patterns are uniform and regular, and the color of the cloak is gradually changing.

Trafalgar Law figure

To be honest, the details are really exquisite!!! The folds of the hat are hidden in the pattern, even there is natural texture on the inside of the brim. The chest muscles are very beautiful and clear, just the same as the real. The tattoos on his chest, arms, hands are graphic and mysterious, making you want to know Trafalgar Law better.

Trafalgar Law figure

On the whole, It makes me feel Trafalgar Law‘s temperament of dissipated and unrestrained!  Don’t let him sit alone.

Where to buy: sideshow
Product Size
Height: approx 120mm (up to the head) (Sword handle 17.5cm)
One piece

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