Can’t believe this is just a statue-Wonder Woman statue

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I love DC movies, especilly Wonder Woman series.
Wonder woman, an amazonian warrior from paradise island, inherits the blood of Zeus, is as beautiful as Aphrodite, as intelligent as Athena, swifter than hermes, and stronger than hercules. One of the justice league’s big three.

Now InfinityStudio has released a lifelike statue of Wonder Woman, and I am already shocked by it, really want to take it home. Let’s have a look.

Why I especially love DC movie “Wonder Woman”series?Beacuse Wonder Woman is played by Gal Gadot,LOL.
She is so beautiful and attractive. So it is pretty well created in this statue form. It really amazed me when I saw it at first time. Just makes me feel like Gal Gadot is in front of you.

With 1/1 scale,73mm height, the same as real person. Lasso of truth in her hand, a serious expression, Wonder Women prepares to wrangle up bad guys and whip them into the ground.

Beautiful real back, even I can  see skin spots, seems a clear photo of Gal Gadot’s back.

Look! The female muscle lines are also carved out. Here let me show my respect to InfinityStudio. This is a super studio.

wonder woman statue

The metallic color is painted for the armor, we also can see the cutting mark and faded effect, and there is a LOGO of Wonder Woman on the base. As a whole, it obvious improves the visual effect.

As a half-length statue, we mainly pay attention to the head Sculpt. But there’s really nothing to be choosy about. Real skin texture, hair rooted, eye design, they are all frighteningly life-like.

It is just a movie poster of Wonder Woman if we don’t see the base. The details of face are so delicate, includes skin lines, skin spots, eye eggs, and also small moles.


I only regret that she just is a half-length statue.Hope to come a whole body statue in the future, LOL.

Where to buy: Sideshow  Wonder Woman Bust
Product Size
H(73cm)x W(75cm)x L(45cm)
1/1 scale

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