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Kotobukiya recently launched a new statue of X-Men Laura Kinney Wolverine from the Marvel BISHOUJO series, attached with interchangeable 2 head sculpts, and the energetic sexy physique is very eye-catching. Let’s take a look!

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Based on the Marvel comics, this Laura Kinney Wolverine statue has been given new design changes and has joined the Marvel BISHOUJO series.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Kotobukiya also presents a comparison picture of the modeled appearance of Laura Kinney Wolverine in the Marvel comics and the brand new illustration designed by Shunya Yamashita to show how huge changes have been made to Laura, who has a Japanese comic style after becoming a statue.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Back to the topic, this statue uses a 1/7 scale, and the total height reaches 9.45 inches, which is approximately 24 cm.
Statues of this size are very suitable for display anywhere.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

This Laura Kinney statue chooses a martial arts style “flamingo” one-legged balance standing posture. The elegant body movement and leg-raising design can show her charming and refined physique.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

This Laura statue’s costume design is also based on the look in the marvel comics, giving it a further beautification. The blue and yellow battle suits are very beautiful, with soft colors and natural wrinkles on the surface.

Laura Kinny statue

The refined physique wrapped in the tights is also a highlight. The girl’s slightly muscular, and the rounded curve looks elastic and youthful.

Laura Wolverine statue

Look from behind, the depiction of tight buttocks with a sense of strength is also very eye-catching.
The balance standing posture of the “flamingo” can also be said to be very standard. And the left and right-hand posture also maintain a perfect visual balance. In summary, the pose design is simple and very elegant.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

The head sculpt of this statue is designed as a portrait with a mask, which also has a good depiction.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Although wearing a mask, you can still feel the sweet and lovely expression of the girl under the mask. The corners of the mouth with a smile reveal a bit of confidence, and the pale pink lip gloss is also very beautiful.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

In addition to the masked head sculpt, this statue also comes with an interchangeable head sculpt with unmasked portrait.

Laura Kinny Wolverin

Laura puffed up her cheeks and her expression looks very lively and cute!

Laura Kinny Wolverine
Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Without the mask, the overall appearance has a new feeling, which makes you feel a touch of seriousness and playfulness.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

SNIKT! It is a special onomatopoeia in Marvel comics when Wolverine’s adamantium claws are extended.
The base is designed with the text and graphics of “SNIKT!”, closely related to the theme of the character, and also full of comics.

Laura Kinny Wolverine statue

Be sure to add this next-generation hero that knows no fear even in the midst of battle to your collection!

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Laura Kinney Wolverine Statue
Product Size
9.45 inches (24cm)
Made of PVC and ABS
Kotobukiya | Marvel BISHOUJO series
Release Date
Dec, 2021

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