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Sui-Feng (Soifon) is no doubt a very classic female character in the Japanese manga Bleach, and her unique Zanpakuto of Suzumebachi is impressive. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bleach manga and its 10th anniversary of anime, Megahouse is proud to launch a Sui-Feng non-articulated Figure from Bleach. Scroll further to see more details of the figure.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

Sui-Feng is the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukido, and in Gotei 13, she is the captain of the 2nd Division. She is known as a reserved but hard-working person as she believes highly in her morals, a personality to look up to. With her emo type of appearance, she mostly scares off her enemies and the strangers that even try to get friendly to her, which surely doesn’t mean that she’s arrogant in any way.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

The non-articulated figure seems to be made with perfect detailing from head to toe. Her black and white attire (uniform of the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukido) aligned perfectly with her appearance when she had a battle with Yoruichi Shihoin. With her white and orange haori (Shinigami captain’s uniform) flying in the background, Sui-Feng’s facial expression says everything there is to say about the battle she was in.

It is obvious that this pose shows Sui-Feng pulling off her captain’s haori coat and seriously starting to fight with Yoruichi Shihoin.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

The whole attire of Sui-Feng is very delicately portrayed. Although the material of the figure is PVC, the clothing on the body is very close-fitting, rich in details, and very dynamic. I believe fans will be attracted to it.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure
Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

This captain’s uniform has no sleeves and does not cover the back, the upper body is tight-fitting, and the trousers are loose and have large flared-like hems. The folds and lines on the trousers are very delicate. At the same time, the swing of the trousers with the movement of the character is also a perfect reflection.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

If you look at the back, the moment the haori coat is pulled off, it looks very cool in response to Sui-Feng’s action, and the corresponding folds depict the dynamic performance of the haori coat very well, which is very in line with the character’s posture theme. At the same time, the haori coat is painted with detailed patterns to represent Sui-Feng’s identity.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

With one of her hands holding her haori coat, and the other hand aiming toward her enemy with her unique Zanpakuto of Suzumebachi, she stands elegantly in front of the opposition. On the back of Sui-Feng, her pale white skin and a little bit of her short hair, everything seems to be sculpted expertly without any mistakes.
The backbone also seems to be sculpted flawlessly as not a single detail is out of the line.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

The head sculpt is also very prominent. It recreates the modeled appearance of Sui-Feng in the Bleach anime very well.

leach Sui-Feng Figure

From a close-up look of her face, her facial expression and physical attributes seem to be portrayed perfectly. Her short jet-black hair and the bangs on her forehead have detailed lines on the surface.
At the same time, her eyes revealed her determination to take this battle seriously.
Take a closer look at the Suzumebachi worn on the hand, including the metal fixing ring wrapped around the arm and its main body is worn on the middle finger, all of which have good details. Especially the main body, the sharp-pointed blade of the Suzumebachi is depicted accurately.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

It is worth mentioning that the two long braids flying in the wind on the head of Sui-Feng are also very attractive. The white cloths are bound with two long braids, both ending in a large golden ring.

Bleach Sui-Feng Figure

Bleach is one of the most loved anime series and manga as many anime lovers recognize it worldwide. This non-articulated figure is itself the perfect way to show off the aura of a person with a bold nature yet not staying arrogant, just like Sui-Feng.

Pre-order now before it has run out of stock, and create a stunning addition for any figure collection!

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Bleach Sui-Feng Figure
Product Size
Approx. 9.45 inches (24cm)
Made of PVC
Megahouse | Gals series
Release Date
Oct. 2022

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