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Do you remember the dormant cabin Astro Boy statue launched by Blitzway ✖ 5PRO Studio at the beginning of this year? That should be one of the most popular work in 2020. I also claim that this is the best Astro Boy statue. It is very worthy of fans’ collection. I have made a review of this dormant cabin Astro Boy statue not long ago.
And recently, Blitzway X 5PRO Studio has brought you a brand new 2.0 version, which has a fully transparent outer cover and a repair and assembly bed. The amazing lighting effect is not inferior to the previously dormant cabin version. Let’s take a look!

Blitzway Astro Boy statue Blitzway Astro Boy statue
Blitzway Astro Boy statueBlitzway-Astro-Boy-statue

 This time there are 4 versions in total, they are Original ver. Pack, Clear ver. Pack, Assembly Bed Pack and Assembly Bed DX Pack.

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Original ver. Pack

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

Regarding the Original ver. Pack, it is actually the normal version of the last dormant cabin version. This time it is only re-released.

The configuration is exactly the same as before. In addition to the interchangeable hands and outer armors, a simple display stand is also attached.

If you missed the previous chance of buying this Astro Boy statue, this re-released is indeed a good opportunity.

Ps:Click here to check out the review of Normal Version of the last Dormant Cabin Version.

Clear ver. Pack

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

In fact, this Clear ver. Pack is the basic version of the 2.0 version. Original ver. Pack is Blitzway re-released for the last version.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

Compared to the normal version, the Clear ver. Pack’s main change this time is to change the original anime-style outer cover to a transparent outer cover.

On the basis of ensuring the complete appearance of this new style, the mechanical internal structure can be directly seen.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

Astro Boy’s eyes, heart and legs all have built-in LED light-emitting modules.

At the same time, because the surface of the transparent outer cover also has some texture details, after switching on the Astro Boy’s light-emitting mechanisms, the crystal-clear cover is more beautiful.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

In addition to the whole complete transparent cover, Blitzway ✖ 5PRO Studio also provides a half-disassembled transparent cover.

Blitzway Astro Boy statueBlitzway Astro Boy statue

 What is interesting is that the half-disassembled transparent cover attached is the left half of the body. However, the half-disassembled outer cover is included in the Original ver. Pack is the right half of the body.

Therefore, it is reasonable that these two types of outer cover can actually be attached to Astro Boy at the same time, showing a special display effect.

Assembly Bed Pack

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The third version is a brand new assembly bed that is officially sold separately, it is called Assembly Bed Pack by Blitzway ✖ 5PRO Studio.

If you have already bought Astro Boy statue 1.0 version before, and you don’t want a transparent cover, you can consider this version separately.

Actually, this brand new assembly bed is the biggest highlight of the 2.0 version.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

This assembly bed is 250mm high and 450mm in length.

The size is really not small, the display effect will be quite impressive.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The above picture specifically introduces the main assembly parts of this assembly bed, and the overall mechanical details are well depicted.

Cables, robotic arms, and switches are all displayed one by one.

The whole assembly bed becomes more three-dimensional and real.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

This assembly bed pack includes five robotic arms.

Two of them are pliers, two are precision laser modules, and one is precision work light.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

These 5 robotic arms are all equipped with multi-point movable joints. It can be adjusted and displayed in a variety of postures.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

This assembly bed also has a built-in linear motor module, which can achieve slow lifting movements through the built-in linear motor module!

Therefore, this assembled bed has two modes of laying flat and upright, and the playability is greatly improved.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The details on the back of the assembly bed are even more refined than the front. Various pipelines and signs of nuclear energy and strong electricity can be seen.

Assembly Bed DX Pack


The last version is to pack the transparent outer cover version of Astro Boy and the assembly bed together, it is called Assembly Bed DX Pack by Blitzway ✖ 5PRO Studio.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The effect of Astro Boy lying flat on the assembly bed is great and full of a sense of technology.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The pliers on the assembly bed can actually grip Astro Boy’s outer cover parts, and can recreate the assembly scene of Astro Boy removing or putting on outer armor parts one by one. It is really very interesting.

After placing Astro Boy on the assembly bed, the soles of his feet can also be connected to the two cables on the bottom of the bed to display Astro Boy the state of charging.


The whole assembly bed is equipped with total of 20 LED light-emitting modules, which are distributed on both sides of the bed, beside Astro Boy, overhead light, the instrument panels on the side of the lifting base, and two cables at the bottom of the bed.

Secondly, each robotic arm with a plier or precision laser module at the end also has a built-in LED light-emitting module, and the largest precision work light has 5 LED light-emitting modules.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

Coupled with the light-up functions on Astro Boy’s chest, eyes and legs, the overall light effect can be described as luxurious! It is not inferior to the dormant cabin of 1.0 version at all.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

The transparent outer cover and this assembly bed are really a perfect match. Turn on all the LED light-up functions, and the internal structure of Astro Boy’s body will not be blocked by wearing the outer cover, but will have a hazy and gorgeous effect. And this effect must be unmatched by the anime-style outer cover.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

This time, the Astro Boy statue 2.0 version is really a big surprise, but it’s a pity that the final Assembly Bed DX Pack is not attached with the original anime-style outer cover. For friends who immediately fell in love with the Astro Boy statue the first time they saw it, it would be very tangled.

Because there are definitely some guys who also want the original anime-style outer cover of Astro Boy, they have to buy another version of Orignal ver. Pack again.

Blitzway Astro Boy statue

No matter which version, the number is limited. You guys who like the Astro Boy statue, hurry up and book it.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth
Check out the price of Original ver. Pack

Product Size
Astro Boy: Height: 300 mm | Width: 110 mm
Assembly Bed: Height: 250 mm | Width: 450 mm
Astro Boy
Blitzway, 5PRO Studio
Release Date
2Q, 2021

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