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There are so many Japanese beautiful action figures, which makes you wonder which one to choose. Today, I should recommend to you quite a beautiful & high playability action figure-Frame Arms Girl Magatsuki.

Magatsuki action figure

Magatsuki is based on the “Frame Arms action figure” designed by ToMo and transformed into an original female character illustrated by E-ji Komatsu. Based on an “armored warrior” motif, this action figure comes in a sturdy silhouette and the kit contains a variety of armor that users can enjoy assembling.

Magatsuki model

This action figure total of 16.21 cm in height, a suitable scale for you to play. You can see on her back, 4 sets of swords are attached, 2 sets of the long sword “Tenkai” and the short sword “Satsuga”, and all can be drawn out of their sheaths.

Magatsuki action figure to collect

Every joint is very flexible, even you can do a pose that kneeling on one leg, drawing the sword from its sheath.

Magatsuki action figure

Do you see it? It allows attaching the long sword “Tenkai” to the figure’s heel.

plastic action figure

It also includes 3 interchangeable faceplates (default, injured, and sad), and this shows the injured face above. A simple transparent base is included. The attachment parts can be moved up and down.

Here comes the point!

beautiful action figure

These armor parts mostly can be taken off, haha. It increases playability on a higher level. It is also possible to assemble the headgear into a large version, or into 2 smaller variants.

Magatsuki figure

There are many 3 mm connectors from the body to legs, allowing you to assemble the various armor parts on it.

Japan action figure

The action figure includes five sets of PVC hand parts. The joint is compatible with other Frame Arms Girl action figure kits, allowing you to change out the hands to make your own custom Frame Arms Girl.

Magatsuki model

From “armored warrior” style to “helpless girl” style, use your unlimited imagination to enjoy assembling.

Don’t miss your chance to bring home the Magatsuki action figure to your collection of FRAME ARMS GIRL.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth Magatsuki action figure
Product Size
6.38 inches (16.21cm)
Action figure

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